Bursar's Office Collects School Supply Donations

Supply Donations

ABA's Bursar's Office recently concluded a school supply drive on behalf of the Guardian Scholars Program here at Sac State.

As their website states, the mission of the Guardian Scholars Program is to "improve the life and success rate of former foster youth by administering helpful services such as professional mentoring, academic advising, career counseling, financial assistance, scholarships, and community building events that are all essential for learning, growth, and success on a college campus." Recently, the Guardian Scholars Program distributed fliers throughout campus alerting offices of their donation drive, seeking supplies for students of their program, in need of every day supplies such as notepads, binders, paper, pens, pencils, etc.

The Bursar's Office took the drive to heart, and began collecting supplies donated by staff. "We brought in supplies that we know college students use the most," said Nicole Rogers, financial advisor. "Guardian Scholars was also accepting partially used donations.  We simply just cleaned out our desks to find a lot of supplies from conferences, workshops, etc." Every year, 2000 California foster youth turn 18 and are required to leave foster care.

Nicole expanded upon why the Bursar's Office got involved: "It was simple and easy.  Everyone has supplies at home and this time of the year they are cheap to purchase." While the donations drive has ended, the personal benefits from such a program serves as a great reminder to get involved in future opportunities to help disadvantaged groups.

All items collected will be provided to former foster children within Sac State's Guardian Scholars Program.