Sustainability Team Recognized for Best Practices and Innovations

In March, the CSU Chancellor's office announced the winners from the 2016 Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Best Practices competition, with Sac State's Sustainability Team receiving multiple awards. All recipients will be recognized at the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference in June.

Sacramento State's Sustainability Team took top honors in two categories: Innovative Waste Reduction, and Sustainable Food Systems. These awards are significant, as the competition includes all CSU campuses, as well as UC campuses, so competition was stiff.

These awards represent well-deserved recognition to the Sustainability team who are consistently working with campus partners to find new ways to make the campus more sustainable. The Sustainability Team received top honors in the Innovative Waste Reduction category for their submission: "The Closed Loop Sacramento State Food Waste Diversion and Green Transportation." In the second category, Sustainable Food Systems, The Sustainability Team was recognized for their submission: "A Multi-trophic Food Production System Integrating Aquaponics with Bio-Waste Recycling."

"The best part of these awards is that that they reflect all of the collaborative efforts between so many Sac State departments and students that these awards are more a celebration of the how much our campus community is committed to becoming a more sustainable university," said Recycling & Sustainability Coordinator Joey Martinez. "Another aspect of the awards is that as the winning authors of the awards, some of us will actually be teaching classes as the conference to help other schools looking to replicate our success."

Congrats Sustainability Team!