Ticket Office Improves Customer Service

Ticket Office Working
The University Ticket Office is newly equipped with a dynamic ticketing system which promises to improve efficiency and services to customers.

Launched in the fall, the Neulion ticketing system allows for greater control over ticket sales. “We build our events now; we used to have our events built by Tickets.com,” said University Ticket Office Manager Scott Gephart. “We can add discounts and have more control over what fees are charged to the customer.”

The system’s flexibility is a marked improvement over the old system. Customers can now expect cheaper tickets online with fewer fees, as well as a “quick sell” options for day-of event sales that will help speed up lines.

Helping smooth the transition are students who use the system to issue tickets to customers. “The student assistants picked up the basics of the system very quickly and learned advanced options quickly as well,” said Gephart.

In the long term, the new system will give the University Ticket Office the tools it needs to grow. “Our goal is to be able to help anyone looking to go to any event on campus in an efficient and customer-friendly environment. As we grow into the abilities of the ticketing system, we will hopefully be able to reach and service more customers efficiently,” concluded Gephart.

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