Direct Payment Request

The Direct Payment Request (DPR) is used to submit payment to a vendor without a purchase order. Payments to vendors and reimbursements to employees or individuals may be processed via the Direct Payment process when there is no "added value" to obtaining a purchase order, or if it does not fall under the CSU Policy guidelines for Contracting & Procurement.

  • A completed  Vendor Data Record form (Std. form 204) must be on file in CFS prior to submitting the Direct Payment Request to Accounts Payable.
  • Each DPR must have an authorizing signature. The authority to approve and sign a DPR must be delegated in writing by an employee’s Program Center Administrator. All approving signatures on the DPRs will be verified for approving authority. Any DPR without a proper signature will be returned to the department. (
  • Employees may not request and approve a payment for themselves. The DPR will need to be approved by another delegated person with approving authority.
  • What can be paid by the Direct Payment process?
    • Accreditation: Payments to an Accrediting body or individual, and payments for any expense associated with an individual as part of the accreditation process. A copy of the invoice, and any associated receipts must be attached to the DPR when it is submitted. May not be used to buy office supplies for accreditation process.
    • Books and Publications: Payment for books, magazines, publications, various testing material, recorded audio and visual tapes, CD’s and diskettes. Note:When ordering a book, magazine or publication, submit an extra order form. One copy will be sent to the vendor with the payment.
    • Campus Community Relations: Reimbursement to an employee for hospitality expenses incurred to foster relationships between the campus and the community. Each food purchase must follow the Business Hospitality Guidelines and each DPR must have a justification for the purchase along with a list of attendee attached.
    • Food, non-catered events (>$50.00): Payment to a vendor or reimbursement to an employee for food purchased. Each purchase must follow the Business Hospitality Guidelines and each DRP must have a justification for the purchase along with a list of attendee attached. Note: Payment for food, non-catered events (<$50.00) may be reimbursed via the Petty Cash Reimbursement Process in compliance with the  Petty Cash Policy and Procedures using a Petty Cash form.
    • Event Fees:  Payment to a vendor or reimbursement to an employee for the cost of a chair or table at an awards banquet or Gala. The event must be a direct benefit to the University.
    •  Game Officials: To be use by Intercollegiate Athletics only for payments to game officials, not for rental of facilities or for payments to coaches. Request for payment in arrears of the service must have an invoice attached to the DPR.
    • Guest lecturers/Honorariums: Payments or honorariums to Guest Speakers or reimbursements of travel expenses in lieu of honorariums.
    • Interview expenses:  Payment for travel expenses incurred to participate in the interview process.
    • Membership dues/ Subscriptions: Payments for magazine subscriptions and membership/associations dues. When paying for a subscription or membership dues, submit 2 copies of the order form/invoice. One copy will be sent to vendor along with the payment. Do not send an extra copy of the DPR.
    • Recruitment Cost: To be used for payments associated with costs of recruiting student athletes.
    • Student Grants/Stipends: Payment of student grants/stipends with the approval of Academic Affairs. Award letter must be attached to the DPR.
    • Uniform Allowances: To be used by UTAPS, Public Safety, and the Student Health Center for uniform reimbursements.
    • Internal Use only: To be used for payments of Chancellor’s Office invoices, Utilities and University postage meter (no stamps).