External Relations

Jumpstart 21 Program

ABA provides internships for young adults as part of the Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce Foundation's (SACCF) JumpStart 21 Emancipating Foster Youth Program. The program, designed to equip those who have aged out of the foster system with twenty-first century life and work skills, trains and matches youth with Sacramento area businesses.

Gaining skills in a dynamic workplace is a major goal for many young people entering the workforce, and is especially critical for former foster youth, many of whom have great obstacles to overcome. Vice President Mike Lee sponsors these young adults, placing them in ABA's diverse departments where they gain work experience.

Supporting Local Organizations

Vice President Mike Lee is a member of various external organizations, including the Sacramento Asian Chamber of Commerce (SACC), Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SHCC), and Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce (SBCC).

As part of the president's new initiative to transform Sacramento State onto a university for the 21st century, Vice President Mike Lee is working in the community to:

  • Increase our visibility
  • Expand our advocacy base
  • Encourage broader community financial support