Human Resource (HR) Functions

The majority of the University’s expenses are comprised of employee salaries and benefits (which is common in the CSU). Therefore, the BPA staff spends a significant amount of time processing and analyzing data in the HR system.

  • Position Management – BPA is responsible for creation and maintenance of positions, which determines the fund/unit charged for an employee’s salaries and benefits.
  • Labor Cost Distribution (LCD) processing – BPA is responsible for processing the monthly LCD tape received from the State Controller's Office in the HR system, so that detailed expenses for employees are made available to appropriate HR users. BPA staff then facilitate the transfer of summarized data to the financial system, which allows expenses to be reflected in the financial ledger.
  • HR payroll adjustments – BPA processes requests from departments to move individual payroll transactions between different funding ChartStrings.
  • Average benefit expense rates – BPA calculates this data for use by self-support units for projections and to reimburse the campus for employee release time.
  • HR system upgrades – BPA participates in planning HR system upgrades.