Release Time

Faculty/Staff may be released from their regular teaching/work assignments to work on grants or contracts with auxiliaries or agencies outside of Sacramento State. Typically, these agreements are with University Enterprises Inc. (UEI) or the University Foundation at Sacramento State (UFSS). There are conditions to these agreements, the most important being the reimbursement to the University for the time that faculty/staff spend working on the grant or contract (Executive Order 1000).

Release Time processing to reimburse the Operating Fund:

  • The reimbursement will be calculated as salary for the faculty/staff member and typical benefit costs incurred by the University when replacement faculty/staff is hired to cover the time lost.
  • The agency paying for release time will send a purchase order for the salary and benefits as outlined on the computation sheet generated by BPA.
  • BPA will allocate budget to program centers/colleges to cover faculty/staff replacement costs.

Staff Release Time Forms

Faculty Release Time (Assigned Time) Forms