About Business Continuity Planning

The office of Business Continuity Planning (BCP) coordinates Sacramento State's efforts to prepare and recover from significant disruptions in University and auxiliary organization operations.

Many types of events can cause such disruption - earthquakes, fires, floods, and human-caused events, both deliberate and accidental. In the worst case, any of these disasters could significantly disrupt University instruction and other activities for weeks or months.

How to mitigate the impact of such disruptions and return to normal operations with least time lost? By regarding these events as expected, rather than unexpected. By planning ahead how to re-start interrupted courses, re-open laboratories and re-establish critical support services as quickly as possible. By making preparedness part of the campus culture. Taking small and large steps before the event happens will reduce the damage and enhance the campus' ability to bounce back.

A well prepared business continuity plan helps an affected department maintain best possible service levels during unexpected events and recover from interruptions as quickly as possible. A business continuity plan identifies mitigation strategies for adverse and disruptive events involving: 1) employees and staff 2) utilities 3) information technology and telecommunications, and 4) campus facilities or other workplace requirements.  Departments managing critical functions are required to develop BCPs using the University’s online BCP application.

The director of Risk Management and BCP has oversight of campus-wide BCP efforts, and serves as the  administrator of the online BCP Application. The BCP office has responsibility for assisting departments with development of plans at the department and unit level. This includes the provision of training and monitoring and testing of plan preparation and progress. 

The BCP website describes the University's many-pronged efforts to prepare, and help you know how YOU can do your part.

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