Pandemic Flu Information

To Members and Friends of the Campus Community:

Avian influenza (subtype H5N1), also known as the "bird flu," is an issue receiving much attention worldwide as confirmed cases of bird-to-human transmission have been reported in Asia. Scientists, public health authorities and government officials have expressed concern that if the virus becomes transmissible from human to human, a pandemic could result. As a result, the World Health Organization, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Centers for Disease Control, as state and county health departments and many other institutions public and private are making preparations in the event an outbreak among humans occurs. Sacramento State is among them. Our Office of Risk Management Services, Environmental Health and Safety, the Student Health Center and the University Police Department have collaborated in the development of a draft emergency response plan. We are ensuring that on-campus health care providers and first responders are prepared to respond by providing ongoing education about avian influenza, affirming emergency protocols, and having medical supplies and equipment readily available. More importantly, every college, department and auxiliary on the campus has had input to the draft campus plan and are currently developing their own response plans. We are also following the latest developments by monitoring the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Web sites, maintaining an open line of communication with the Sacramento County Health Department, and benchmarking the activities of other colleges and universities to ensure that our plan is complete.

Finally, we realize that you may have questions about seasonal influenza, avian influenza and pandemic influenza. To help answer some of those questions, we have prepared the following list of resources and frequently asked questions and answers for your edification.

You can also learn more about avian influenza and the pandemic threat at the following Web sites:

The Office of Public Affairs is currently putting together a comprehensive communications strategy to keep all members of the campus community informed of developments with avian and pandemic flu.

The University and all campus organizations are taking proactive measures to be prepared in case avian flu or pandemic flu affects our campus community. Thank you for your attention.

Michael Christensen, Associate Vice President for Risk Management Services
Joy Stewart-James, Director, Student Health Center
Mark Iwasa, Director, Public Safety and Chief of University Police
Kirtland Stout, Director, Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning