Campus Physical Planning Committee


Members List

Lee, Ming-Tung "Mike," Vice President for Administration/CFO

Izadian, Ali, AVP, Facilities Services - Committee Chair

Gilbert, Larry, CIO, Information Resources & Technology

Trainer, Jill, college dean appointed by the President

Schmidtlein, Matt, faculty member reccomended by Facult Senate

Horner, Tim, faculty member reccomeded by the Provost and appointed by the President

Currier, Brian, staff member reccomended by the USA and appointed by the President

Rose, Robert, student reccomended by ASI and appointed by the President

Takahashi, Victor, Director, Planning, Design and Construction*

McComb, Todd, Interim Manager, Project Design & Development, Facilities Services*

Reilly, Brigett, Assistant Director of Property Services, UEI*

*Ex-officio Member

Policy File Number ADM - 1058