Housing Facilities & Grounds

Housing Building Services

Our Building Service Engineering Staff are responsible for the Residence Halls, and Dining Commons heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.  The systems utilize water cooled chillers and cooling towers during the summer and fall, atmospheric boilers during the winter and early spring to provide comfort control to occupied spaces.

Draper, Jenkins, Desmond, and AMC Halls have room thermostats that will control either the amount of heating or cooling depending upon the season.  Sierra Hall, Sutter Hall, and the Dining Commons have zone control and area temperatures are maintained through strategically placed thermostats. 

The systems are controlled via a computerized system that monitors areas through sensors, feeding back data to the main system and making adjustments as needed.  The systems are either heating or cooling depending on the season.  They cannot be changed back and forth like residential homes.

If a resident has an issue with their heating or cooling, please submit a work order to the hall front desk.