Facilities Services Trades

Lock Shop

The Lock Shop is the key to many types of work on campus. They maintain and repair signs, windows, door hardware, and, of course, the campus lock hardware and key systems. The Lock Shop stays up on the latest technology and maintains our electronic access control systems for buildings and traffic control gates. Helping to keep things secure with a smile is their job.

Metal Shop

The Metal Shop staff can take care of any metal fabrication need. They are specialists in metal work and welding. They perform a variety of work such as designing and building ducting, mounting brackets, ventilation systems, exhaust systems and modifying and installing railings. If it is metal, then they can fix it.

Multi-Craft Shop

The Multi-craft Shop maintains and repairs basic components of all campus buildings such as foundations, walls, roofs, stairs, ceilings, floors, floor coverings, wall coverings, doors, hardware, sidewalks, streets, pool and auxiliary facilities or equipment. Other things that they do include: installing keyboard trays, white boards, and hanging pictures.

The Multi-craft Shop also completes small renovations and large projects. Whether the work is for our campus or one of the auxiliaries on campus, quality and customer satisfaction are assured by the Multi-craft Shop.

Paint Shop

The shop is in charge of all aspects of paintings of all Interior and Exterior of Buildings, new and existing constructions and remodels in and off Campus.
Their goal is to keep up with all maintenance of Classrooms/Restrooms/Hallway-Corridors/Stair Cases/Offices/Parking Lots/Street Markings and Signage/ Graffiti Removaland Beautifying all Sport Courts and Fields of Play as well as maintaining a Clean and Safe Environment for all the students and Customers.

Plumbing Shop

The plumbers replace and repair faucets, valves, water and drain lines, water heaters, sewer, storm, domestic and hot water circulating pumps , just to name some of the work they do. They also install new piping and plumbing components for remodel projects. On a regular basis, they hydro-jet sanitary and storm lines to keep them flowing.

They are responsible for the following:

  • Maintenance and replacement of sanitary and storm systems
  • Domestic and irrigation water mains
  • Natural gas distribution systems
  • Fire suppression systems such as sprinklers & hydrants
  • Layout, rough-in and final fixture installation of all plumbing systems

Maintenance of all fixtures in over 120 restrooms on campus.
Testing and repairing over 180 backflow prevention devices.