Facilities Services Trades

Lock Shop

The Facilities Management lock shop is responsible for the management of the campus master key system, key inventory, and issuance. In addition, the lock shop maintains the campus door locks, including the new electronic locks (Velocity), standard keyed locks, padlocks, and software-controlled key cabinets (Key Watcher). The lock shop removes broken keys, completes core changes, and provides lock set repairs. The lock shop handles issues related to automatic door initial response problems, completes door closure repairs, completes repairs to building exit door hardware, and conducts preventive maintenance.  

Signage – The Lock Shop is your first stop for any type of signage needs for room identification, directional or informational wayfinding, and any signage in general. All request must be submitted along with diagram containing verbiage, font type and size, sign dimensions, and color scheme and submitted through the AiM work order system.

Metal Shop

The Metal Shops primary function is supporting all sheet metal needs throughout the entire campus such as designing and building ducting, mounting brackets, ventilation systems, exhaust systems and modifying and installing railings. Our in-house staff can take care of most metal fabrication requests that do not require specialized metals such as stainless steel. Any non-structural welding can be performed by the staff based on specifications provided by the customer. 

Multi-Craft Shop

The Multi-craft Shop fulfills a duel role in maintaining and repairing basic components of all campus buildings such as foundations, walls, roofs, stairs, ceilings, floors, floor coverings, wall coverings, doors, hardware, sidewalks, streets, and auxiliary facilities or equipment. Also provides project management for small renovations and semi-large projects. Requested services not covered by Executive Order No.847 are available under a cost recovery process.

Paint Shop

With over 2 million square feet of buildings on campus, there is a lot of painting to do.  The painters prime and finish offices, corridors, classrooms, and interiors of the buildings.  They also paint road and parking lot striping and markings.  It is their goal to clean, protect and make everything look fresh and bright for you.

Plumbing Shop

The plumbers replace and repair faucets, valves, water and drain lines, water heaters, sewer, storm, domestic and hot water circulating pumps, just to name some of the work they do. They also install new piping and plumbing components for remodel projects. On a regular basis, they hydro-jet sanitary and storm lines to keep them flowing utilizing an aggressive preventive maintenance program.

The plumbers are also responsible for:

  • Maintenance and replacement of sanitary and storm systems
  • Domestic water mains
  • Natural gas distribution systems
  • Fire suppression systems such as sprinklers, stand-pipes, hose cabinets, and hydrants
  • Layout, rough-in and final fixture installation of all plumbing systems
  • Maintenance and repair of all 287 restrooms on campus
  • Testing and repairing 84 backflow prevention devices