Zone Management Program

Zone Managers

Facilities Services has launched its new customer-friendly work facilitation process: the Zone Manager Program. The concept enhances the current Facilities Services function by allowing for a more direct connection with customers throughout the campus community. Each building has been assigned to one of four distinct Zones; at the head of each: a Zone Manager with comprehensive knowledge of Facilities’ operations who will now be the single and direct contact for each valued customer. The intention is to administer the benefits and accountability of a personalized experience for each patron and to provide them with greater access to all of Facilities Services’ applications. Associate Vice president Ali Izadian has seen the Zone system succeed in other institutions with significant improvements in process efficiency and customer service.

More than just a conduit for customer support, Zone Mangers will routinely conduct building inspections to personally determine how improvements can be made to building common areas and follow up with quality control inspections to ensure superior work and job completion. This is just one more way that Senior Zone Manager Mark Leisz hopes to build bridges with the campus community and provide exceptional customer service. You can find Mark Leisz, along with fellow Zone Managers Kimberly Donaville-Davis and Doug Power at the Zone Manager offices located in the Brighton Hall Annex. Richard Mikeworth, the Zone Manager for Residential Life, is located in Desmond Hall.

Zone managers will communicate with customers, when necessary, to obtain the information needed to complete work orders, and will act on behalf of customers to follow up on work orders and monitor work backlogs for buildings they oversee.  

View the Zone Manager Map, and feel free to contact your zone manager by phone or e-mail: 

Housing: Richard Mikeworth,, 278-6656

Zone 1: Mark Leisz,, 278-7602

Zone 2: Kimberly Donaville-Davis, , 278-7379

Zone 3: Douglas Power,, 278-7553

The central Customer Service Office staff is still available to handle emergencies and issue keys at (916) 278-6242, or