Public Safety/University Police Staff

Unless otherwise indicated, call (916) 278-6851 to reach department personnel listed below.

Office of Chief & Director

Mark M. Iwasa, Chief & Director

Serena Fuson, Executive Assistant to the Chief, (916) 278-7321


Field Operations

Dave Heaphy, Lieutenant

Christina Lofthouse, Lieutenant

Brian Burger, Sergeant

Vincent Burton, Sergeant

Matt Kroner, Sergeant

Victor Vinson, Sergeant

Scott Christian, Corporal

Doug Nguyen, Corporal

Paul Skrinie, Corporal

Jeff Solomon, Corporal

Jason Johnston, Detective

Greg Thompson, Detective

Matt Light, Officer

Joe Lueders, Officer

Anthony Martinez, Officer

Thelma Matthews, Officer

Jon Parker, Officer

Nathan Rice, Officer

Sam Sanchez, Officer

Jesse Smith, Officer

Agustin A. Yaya, Officer

Vacant, Officer



Vacant, Director of Administration & Security, (916) 278-2643

Suzanne Bracamonte, Administrative Analyst, (916) 278-1746



Katerina Donato-Weinstein, Records Supervisor, (916) 278-5831

Louis Bautista, Dispatcher

Valerie Kessler, Dispatcher

Velinda Ross, Dispatcher

Michelle Rowberry-Nogaj, Dispatcher

Tiffany Villaber, Dispatcher


Community Service Officer (CSO) Program

Sergeant Victor Vinson, CSO Coordinator


Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

William Gnagy, EOC Coordinator