Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Contract Administration customer?

The Contract Administration services all University campus departments.

What is the difference between the services provided to customers by Procurement Services and the services provided by the Contract Administration section?

In contrast to the Contract Administration Section, Procurement Services works with campus departments in the acquisition of goods, equipment and services including the purchase of tangible property. Procurement Services activity typically involves an expenditure of funds and includes professional services and common services.

See the list of Staff Responsibilities for a full breakdown of assignments.

What is the difference in contracting authority between Procurement Services versus the Contract Administration?

Procurement Services operations are primarily governed by the California State University policy manual for procurement.

Contract Administration is governed by a separate and specific policies and procedures specific to the type of transaction.

Is a CFS Requisition needed?

Maybe - For most Contracts and Agreements a requisition is not necessary, as the encumbrance of funds is not required. In the case where an encumbrance is needed in order to make a payment against the contract/agreement a CFS requisition would be required.