Roles & Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities for the development and administration of Business contracting process are defined to ensure the following basic functions are accomplished:

  • Policy compliance and approval of exceptions
  • Preparation of the contract document
  • Negotiation with the contracting entity if required
  • Legal review if required will go to Campus Counsel

Contracting Services

The Contracting Services section coordinates the contracting activities of campus from the initial departmental request to the completed and signed contract.

Contracting Services is responsible for:

  • Developing strategies, defining responsibilities, and coordinating activities associated with the contracting process.
  • Facilitating the final preparation and execution of the contract document including business, policy and legal review.
  • Working with the requesting department and with other oversight departments such as University Counsel, Risk Management, and Public Affairs.
  • Acting as the office of record for the executed contract.

Campus Departments

Campus departments requesting contract assistance from Contracting Services are responsible for:

  • Obtaining approval at the appropriate level prior to submitting the requests to Contract Administration.
  • Providing  complete and sufficient information to describe the scope and objectives of the proposed contract, identify the institutional interests to be served, and assess any potential risk and financial impact.
  • Making business and programmatic decisions regarding the contract and contract performance.  Departmental participation in the contracting process may vary significantly depending on the nature of the contract.

Requests should be submitted to the Contract Services Section early in the process to allow enough time for the contract/agreement to be developed, reviewed and executed.  A minimum of 30 days prior to start of the service is required.