Categories for DVBE/Small Business Vendors

Please Note: Each vendor listed in the categories below have been deemed to perform a Commercial Useful Function (CUF) requirement for that category.  Procurement staff have reviewed the DGS-Cal-eProcure website to confirm SB and/or DVBE certification and reviewed SB/MB and/or DVBE classifications.  Awards to a SB/DVBE supplier within the category they are identified in will have been considered compliant for CUF requirements for Contract/Purchase Order award consideration.

To be considered compliant, five question must be passed as described in the following table. 

For Each Certified Supplier – Prime or Subcontractor

Test Question
1 Is the supplier (whether it is the prime or subcontractor) responsible for the execution of a distinct element of the resulting CSU contract?
2 Will the supplier actually be performing, managing, or supervising an element of the resulting CSU contract?
3 Will the supplier be performing work that is normal for its business, services and function?
4 Is responsible, with respect to products, inventories, materials, and supplies required for the contract, for negotiating price, determining quality and quantity, ordering, installing, if applicable, and making payment.
5 Is there any further subcontracting that is greater than that expected to be subcontracted by normal industry practices?

Procurement staff must determine that all answers to the above questions are YES