Property Tagging

Property and equipment will be identified and tagged as CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, SACRAMENTO property after departments have received and accepted items. Authorized department personnel should immediately sign a Stock Received Report (SRR) and send it to Receiving.

Equipment is defined as movable articles of property that have the following characteristics:

  • Valued at $2500 or more;
  • An anticipated useful life of two years or more;
  • An identity that does not change with use (i.e., not consumed by use or converted by fabrication into some other form of property);
  • Of a nature that makes formal property accounting practical.

Equipment requests must be submitted on a requisition, via CMS, using the appropriate equipment-related account.

Property Management personnel will obtain a copy of each SRR and screen for tagging anything that meets the equipment criteria outlined in SAM, Sections 8602 and 8651. Tagging of equipment may not be accomplished until a signed SRR has been received by Procurement Services.

Department representatives or technicians, as an extra protection measure, are encouraged to additionally etch decal numbers or paint identifying marks on any item as a deterrent to theft.