Evidence of Insurance

When a University-affiliated organization is holding an event off campus, the hosting entity will often require the organization to prove to them that the University is adequately insured. The instrument or document commonly used to convey that information is an ACORD Certificate of Insurance produced by an insurance broker.

Requests for a certificate of insurance should be made at least two weeks in advance, even sooner if possible.

If your organization needs proof of insurance, complete one of the following:

If an Additional Insured Endorsement is required, we will need a completed signed copy of the agreement. You can email or fax it to Susan Colley-Monk at susan.colley-monk@csus.edu or (916) 278-4359. If you do not know how to complete the form or know what kind of insurance is required, you can always email or fax Susan a copy of the agreement and call her at (916) 278-6456.

When arrangements for the event are being made, ask the location host for their insurance requirements. Risk Management needs to know the entity’s insurance requirements so we can arrange for the right insurance limits to be reflected on the certificate. Please note that if the host entity requires that the University name the entity as an additional insured on the general liability policy, you will have to submit a copy of the agreement to Risk Management with your request for insurance.

Please note that many entities, particularly government entities, accept a Risk Management letter which explains the University’s insurance coverage, in lieu of a Certificate of Insurance. Risk Management can provide you with a copy of the letter at any time.