Student Academic Field Experience for Credit Liability Insurance Program


Liability Insurance. “Insurance that pays and renders service on behalf of an insured for loss arising out of his responsibility to others imposed by law or assumed by contract.” (Insurance Dictionary, p. 248, Silverlake Publishers, 2002)


CSU Executive Order 1012 dated August 3, 2007 authorizes the SAFECLIP program and policies. The CSUS SAFECLIP program is administered in accordance with EO 1012.

The Policy

The CSU has put into place an excellent liability insurance policy that covers all students doing general (non professional) internships on and off campus, including Service Learning. The policy provides professional and personal general liability coverage for students enrolled in service-learning and other internship course sections for which they are receiving academic credit. In essence, the policy provides indemnity – including legal defense costs – for students, faculty, campus and host institution (community agency) if there is a claim or lawsuit involving injury to others or damage to property in connection with service learning and other academic fieldwork experiences.

The policy does not provide coverage for workers’ compensation, transportation (i.e., the travel of students to and from their fieldwork activities), and is not a health insurance policy.

Paying for Coverage

The premium for the policy is paid by the University, costing the students nothing. However, only those student internships are covered that are done in conjunction with a for-credit, academic class. An independently-arranged internship not anticipated by a for-credit class will not be covered.

Certificates of Insurance

Many institutions will require evidence of insurance from the university showing that our students are covered by a general liability insurance policy. You can request for a certificate of insurance (which shows evidence of insurance) by:

  1. Completing the web form Request for SAFECLIP Evidence of Insurance
  2. Completing the SAFECLIP/SPLIP Certificate of Insurance Request Form and turning it into our office via drop off, mail, or fax.
  3. Or calling into the Risk Management office with the following information: Institution’s name, address, point of contact, phone number, fax number, email address, and when the insurance is needed.

Please send in the request at least one month prior to needing evidence of coverage.

All paperwork can be mailed to mailstop 6145 ATTN: Susan, by fax# (916) 278-4359, or dropped off at our office in Riverfront Center 212.