Student Fee Advisory Committee

Committee Information

The Student Fee Policy, the California Education Code, and the CSU Executive Order 1102 govern the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC). 

Deadlines Passed:  No longer accepting any

Category II/III Fee Proposal Forms for 2016-2017 review to have fee charged in 2017-2018 AY.

The Category II fees (Campus Mandatory Fee) deadline was on November 21, 2016.  

The Category Fee III (Miscellaneous Course Fee) deadline was February 6, 2017.    


Category I - State Statute (CSU Board of Trustees determined - category not available for proposals)

Category II
- Mandatory Fee (Requires referendum or alternative consultation)
Category III
- Materials & Services for state-supported instruction (Miscellaneous Course Fees)

For answers to questions regarding the fee proposal process, please contact Priscilla Llamas-McKaughan, Committee Administrative Support, at (916) 278-5992 or Gina Curry, Student Fee Advisory Administration Designee, at (916) 278-7461. For fee category details please see Executive Order 1102, p. 9 of 10 on Policy.


Category IV - Fees (other than Category II or III. Non-coursework materials, services, penalty or use of services fees)
Category V - Self Support Fees (ONLY CCE, Parking, Housing, or Student Health Services)

If you have a new or an adjustment to an existing fee in Categories IV or V you will need to complete and submit the following documents to Stacy Hayano, Associate VP for Budget Planning & Administration:

If you have any questions regarding Category IV and V fees, please contact Stacy Hayano, Associate VP for Budget Planning & Administration, at (916) 278-3909. For fee category details please see Executive Order 1102.