Standard Instructional Furniturelecture

Standard furniture in lecture rooms includes: instructor table, instructor chair, lectern, ADA table, ADA chair, tablet arm chairs and/or tables and chairs. Please note that some lecture rooms with podiums may not be large enough per State Fire Marshal code compliance to accommodate an instructor table; in these instances, lecterns are not provided. If instructional furniture is damaged or missing from classrooms, notice shall be sent to Space Management at (916) 278-6507 or to correct the problem as soon as possible. All work orders to add, remove or modify instructional furniture in lecture rooms need to be approved and submitted by Space Management.

Report Furniture Problems

It is common for furniture to move from classrooms during the first few weeks of the term. The best way to help keep the furniture stay in classrooms is to NOT move it and to encourage others (students, staff and faculty) to not move furniture as well. "Do Not Remove Furniture" signs are placed in the majority of classrooms. If the furniture seat count is incorrect in a lecture classroom or if there is a furniture safety issue, please notify Space Management at (916) 278-6507 or The seat count in lecture classrooms includes the ADA chair. Space Management will coordinate with Facilities Management to correct the seat count or safety issue as quickly as possible for any classroom issues that are reported. Please note that a semi-annual instructional furniture inventory and safety audit is conducted by Space Management and Facilities Management in the summer and winter months.

Request ADA Furniture

Students that need additional ADA furniture or adjustments to existing ADA furniture in classrooms shall contact the Services to Students with Disabilities Office (SSWD). SSWD will contact Space Management to coordinate all ADA furniture needs.

Annual Call for Lab Furniture Audit and Request to Purchase

Space Management requests an annual laboratory furniture audit from colleges and departments generally in December with response by late January. If the University budget allows, Space Management will coordinate with academic departments to determine furniture needs and priorities and purchase items for instructional laboratories and special facilities up to a specific funded amount. Furniture purchases are typically made from April-May so furniture deliveries with vendors and the academic departments can be accommodated over the summer.