ABA Strategic Plan

In 2011-12, ABA established core strategic goals to help build the division’s capacity to support the University community and help advance its mission. These goals are focused on creating an internal culture of improvement that is continuously evolving and ready to meet changing conditions. 

mugsIn 2012-13, when the University's "Redefine the Possible" initiative was launched, ABA identified five focus areas rich in possibilities for transformational change. As goals are accomplished in these focus areas, other focus areas will emerge to replace them.

ABA departments, or "families" submit department and unit-level annual goals and action plans that align with and support these strategic goals and/or specific focus areas, outline plans to execute them, identify measures to evaluate sucess.  SPQI tracks goals achievement through progress reports submitted quarterly. 

Mission/Vision/Values and Code of Conduct 

Goals and Reports

ABA Strategic Goals/Focus Areas support Redefine the Possible

Goals Chart