Appreciation Blog

The ABA Appreciation Blog is a tool for all ABA staff and managers to recognize each other in an informal way. Employees are encouraged to use this tool whenever they feel an employee is deserving of recognition, no matter how small the deed. All employees are elligible to submit an Appreciation Note, and can be done at the following link:

ABA Appreciation Raffle

The ABA START Committee noticed a gap in the ABA division-level recognition. The committee agreed that the annual recognition program was robust and well thought out, however it is only once a year, typically in June. Therefore, the rest of the year was void of a division-level recognition (besides the years of service awards held in December). In an effort to fill in the time between recognition programs, and to create an incentive to utilize the Appreciation Blog, the START Committee is implementing an ABA Appreciation Raffle.


  1. All entries to the Appreciation Blog will be entered into a division-level raffle pool
  2. At the end of each calendar quarter, 5 names will be drawn from the pool
  3. Winners will be announced via email and featured in the proceeding ABA FOCUS Newsletter
  4. A member of the START Committee will deliver prizes and take a photo with each of the winners
  5. Quarterly prizes will include but are not limited to:
    • Sac State swag
    • Movie tickets
    • Lunch with SPQI
    • Gift cards


  1. Each staff person can have unlimited entries into the pool
  2. The nominator will be entered into the raffle only once (to encourage participation)
  3. Non-winners in each quarterly drawing will be re-entered for the next quarter
  4. The pool will be emptied after the last drawing of the 4th quarter