Employee Engagement

ABA takes pride in their employees. That is why, starting in 2016, ABA Administrative Council decided to make employee engagement a priority for leadership development as well as a focus of some division initiatives.

Both the Management and Administrative Council participated in a series of daylong retreats with skilled facilitators to learn and collaborate around employee engagement.

Since then, SPQI has taken the reigns to focus the initiative in more actionable steps.

First, SPQI administered the inaugural Staff Engagement Survey. Over 250 members of ABA participated in the first of its kind, survey in January 2017. This survey will be administered on an annual basis and the data will be analyzed for trends year-over-over. The result of the survey is a list of actionable objectives for SPQI to focus on for the following year.

Second, SPQI has re-launched the Strategic Thinking: Achieving Results Together Committee that had been inactive for several years. The re-launched committee is comprised of staff representing the eight departments in ABA. The focus of the committee is employee engagement and communication, with the goal of supporting an environment in which ABA staff members feel more cohesive and united as a division, regardless of location or function.

Specifically, the START committee has revamped the Annual ABA Staff Recognition Program. They successfully streamlined and clarified the nomination process, adding tremendous value to an already successful and well-liked program.

Other initiatives the START committee will be working on in 2017 and 2018 include:

-          Publishing a best practices resource for managers and supervisors regarding staff recognition 

-          Designing and developing an ABA mentorship program

-          Developing an annual calendar of engagement activities (i.e. Halloween decorating, door decorating, Pi Day Pie Contest, Staff Appreciation Day, Alumni month)

The director of SPQI is also in the process of developing some workshops for management council members regarding leadership development and employee engagement. The first workshop, Maximizing Employee Engagement was hosted in March 2017. For information regarding this workshop or others, please contact Elisa Chohan at chohan@csus.edu or 916-278-7460.

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Below are a list of ABA sponsored events or activities that help reinforce the focus on employee engagement: