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Current roster, fiscal year 2016/17:

Ademidun Adejobi
Administrative Support Assistant
Budget Planning & Administration
Sacramento Hall 259
X87455   FAX 87639
Campus Zip: 6040

Jessica Bush
Customer Service Associate
Space Management
Lassen Hall 3006
X86507  FAX 85595
Campus Zip: 6034

Pa Lor
Accounting Technician II
Bursars Office
Lassen Hall 1001
X86796  FAX X86243
Campus Zip: 6052

Don Nahhas
Administrative Support Coordinator
Risk Management Services
River Front Center 220
Campus Zip: 6145

Frances Palu
Administrative Analyst/Specialist
Office of the Vice President
Sacramento Hall 272
Campus Zip: 6038

Danielle Rogers
Contract Specialist
Procurement and Contract Services
Modoc Hall 3005
X87349  FAX X85796
Campus Zip: 6008

Karen Saeteurn
Administrative Support Assistant
University Transportation & Parking Services
Folsom Hall 102
X87275   FAX 85078
Campus Zip: 6076

Paul Skrinie
Police Officer
Police Department
Police Department 1
X86000   FAX 86889
Campus Zip: 6092

Andrew Stiffler
Administrative Analyst/Specialist
Strategic Planning & Quality Improvement
Administrative Services
Sacramento Hall 267
X82857   FAX 85783
Campus Zip: 6038

Sarah Van Adrighem
Administrative Analyst/Specialist
Facilities Management - Administration 
Facilities Management 104D
Campus Zip: 6115

Grant Watkins
Administrative Analyst/Specialist
Facilities Management - Planning, Design and Construction Services
Facilities Management 101
Campus Zip: 6115

Elisa Chohan (Chair)
Director, Strategic Planning & Quality Improvement
Business & Administrative Services
Sacramento Hall 267
X57460  FAX 85783
Campus Zip: 6038