SPQI is committed to serve the departments within ABA with the best organizational development content and resources available. In addition to strategic planning, SPQI offers facilitation services, including teambuilding activities.

SPQI is excited to offer facilitation services with one of the most well-respected temperament indicator workshops in the world. The SPQI director is a certified True Color facilitator and offers the two-hour facilitation of the True Colors Personal Communication Personality Spectrum workshop to ABA teams. 

True Colors is a model used to learn, understand and appreciate your personality temperament as well as those around you, both personally and professionally. The colors of Orange, Gold, Green and Blue define four distinctive personality styles that we all possess. You will learn which colors are your brightest and dullest and when each shines and dims.  The training that I have designed, unique for ABA staff, will focus on communication and team building and how you can use True Colors in the workplace to build a stronger team.

Hopefully you will leave the session empowered with a basic understanding of why you are the way you are and what makes other people unique as well. We will examine which colors are more introverted and extroverted, which color is more people and relationship driven as opposed to the task and data driven colors.

Please contact Elisa Chohan at or 916-278-7460 with questions or to schedule your True Colors Workshop.