Parking Regulations & Enforcement

Parking at Sacramento State

Below are a few tips to remember when parking at Sacramento State. Remembering this information will help you park successfully on our campus.

*A parking permit does not guarantee the holder a parking space in any given area at any given time*

  • A parking permit is required to park at Sacramento State.
  • California State laws and Sacramento State parking regulations that pertain to parking are enforced 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
  • Parking permits are valid only for the period of time specified on the permit and for the parking spaces intended unless otherwise posted.
  • Parking permits may not be altered in any way.
  • A parking permit is valid for use only by the person who purchased the parking permit.
  • Each person may possess one valid Sacramento State parking permit at a time.
  • It is important to familiarize yourself with the various types of parking permits Sacramento State offers and the locations in which they are valid.

Parking RegulationsTypes of parking permits available and their usage are listed below. This page may not include all parking regulations.

Designated Parking Spaces

Parking is authorized in designated parking spaces only. Parking spaces cannot be created. A parking space is designated by a white parking space line on each side or end of the vehicle. Vehicles must fit within the parking space lines. In any unpaved parking lot on campus, including Lot 2A and student section of Lot 9, vehicles must be parked in an orderly manner at a wheel stop.

Purchase of Parking Permits

All students, faculty and staff are eligible to purchase a parking permit. Weekly and semester parking permits are available for purchase by showing a valid Sacramento State OneCard at the Bursar's Office in Lassen Hall or the University Transportation & Parking Services (UTAPS) office. These locations accept cash, personal check, Visa, MasterCard, and Sacramento State OneCard as valid forms of payment. Daily parking permits are available from a daily parking permit machine, through PaybyPhone or at the UTAPS office. Certain parking permits may be purchased online. Please refer to our Online Parking Services section for more information.

Daily Parking Permit

Daily parking permits are valid in student parking lots. Daily parking permits must be displayed with the dated side up on the driver's side of the dashboard. Daily parking permits may be purchased from one of the daily parking permit machines located throughout the campus for $6.00. The parking permit machines accept $5 bills, $1 bills, Visa, Mastercard and the Sac State OneCard. A 2-hour permit is also available from the machines for $3.00.  For your convenience, daily parking permit machines are available in parking lots, parking structures and in the UTAPS office. If a daily parking permit machine is not functioning properly, a daily parking permit must be purchased from another machine. Daily parking permits are not refundable. For daily general public parking rate, contact UTAPS at (916) 278-PARK.

Permit Machine Locations

Student Parking Permit

During the Fall and Spring semesters student parking permits are valid in student parking spaces. Parking permits must be adhered to the bottom corner inside of the windshield on the passenger side. The permit must be completely visible, including the barcode and permit number. Students may only possess one semester permit at a time; however, students may also purchase an additional adhesive motorcycle permit if desired.

Weekly Parking Permit

Weekly parking permits are available to Sacramento State faculty, staff, and students. Weekly parking permits may be purchased in one (1) week increments.  Usage of the weekly parking permit is the same as faculty/staff, student, or Residence Hall semester parking permits. Weekly parking permits are not refundable.

Ramona Lot Parking Permit

Ramona Lot is open Monday-Friday from 7:30am-8:00pm during the fall and spring semesters.  All vehicles must be removed by 8:00pm when the lot is closed and locked.  For Hornet Shuttle service to and from Ramona Lot, see the Hornet Shuttle webpage. 

Overnight Parking

With the exception of residence hall student vehicles and approved campus vehicles, overnight parking and/or camping is prohibited at Sac State.

Faculty/Staff Parking Permit

Faculty/staff parking permits and retired faculty and staff parking permits are valid in faculty/staff as well as student spaces, unless otherwise posted. If receiving 12 paychecks per year, most faculty and staff may also pay for their parking permits on a monthly basis via payroll deduction. Payroll deducted parking permits are available at the Bursar's Office in Lassen Hall. Parking permits must be adhered to the bottom inside corner of the windshield on the passenger side.  Adhesive permits are placed on the outside; repositionable permits on the inside.  The permit must be completely visible, including the barcode and permit number. Faculty and staff may only possess one semester or longer-term permit at a time; however, may also purchase an additional adhesive motorcycle permit if desired.

Retired Faculty & Staff Parking Permit

Retired faculty and staff who are not working for pay are eligible to receive a courtesy retired faculty & staff parking permit. Retired faculty & staff parking permits are provided to retired faculty and staff to encourage them to return to enjoy the life of the campus, including attending events, lectures and other campus activities. Retired faculty and staff who return to the campus after retirement to work for pay are required to pay to park during that time. These parking permits are valid in faculty/staff and student parking spaces.  For more retired faculty & staff parking permit information and announcements throughout the year, please visit

Motorcycle Parking Permit

A parking permit is required to park a motorcycle at Sacramento State. A motorcycle-only adhesive parking permit must be placed in an easily visible location on the fender, fork or gas tank. Placing the adhesive motorcycle permit elsewhere on the motorcycle may result in a parking citation. This adhesive permit is valid only in motorcycle spaces. 

As an alternative to purchasing a motorcycle-only parking permit, people who drive a car/truck and ride motorcycles may purchase a repositionable parking permit. The repositionable permit may be displayed in a vehicle or on a motorcycle. This repositionable permit allows a motorcycle to be parked legally in a motorcycle OR regular vehicle parking space.  It is the parking permit holder's responsibility to ensure the security of the parking permit. A clear, plastic parking permit case can be purchased, at the UTAPS office, for displaying the repositionable parking permit on a motorcycle. 

Residence Hall Parking Permit

Residence Hall parking permits are issued to persons who live in the Residence Hall complex. Lot 2, Lot 11 and Parking Structure 2 - 4th floor residence hall parking permits are only valid in their respective lot/parking structure.  In addition, all residence hall parking permits are valid in Lot 10, Lot 14 and Parking Structure 4. See our Off-Peak Parking periods below for times when Residence Hall parking permits are valid outside of the parking areas mentioned above.

Carpool Parking Permit

Carpooling at Sacramento State is encouraged. Carpoolers may share the price of a parking permit and may park in preferential designated carpool areas. Faculty/staff and student parking permits may be exchanged at no cost for carpool parking permits or purchased directly at the UTAPS office. A carpool consists of two or more people per vehicle, who must arrive in a carpool space together. Carpool spaces are located on the first floors of Parking Structures 1 and 3. Carpool spaces are enforced as such until 11:00am. After 11:00am, carpool spaces in Parking Structures 1 & 3 are enforced as student spaces and carpool spaces in Lot 1 are enforced as faculty/staff spaces.  This same practice applies to Off-Peak Parking periods (see below).

Non-teaching Faculty Summer Parking Permit

Faculty members in a non-working capacity, who come to the campus during the Summer, may request a courtesy non-teaching faculty/staff parking permit. This permit is intended to accommodate the occasional visit to the campus to facilitate academic endeavors. Faculty members who are in a working capacity during the summer are required to purchase a parking permit for that period of time.  Click on the link below to fill out the required form and submit it to the UTAPS office.

Non-teaching Faculty Summer Parking Permit Form

Off-Peak Parking

During off-peak parking periods, most student and faculty/staff parking spaces are open to all Sac State parking permits. NOTE: A Faculty/Staff parking permit is required at all times in the Faculty/Staff spaces located around the Residence Hall complex. A Residence Hall parking permit is required at all times in Residence Hall spaces in Lot 2, Lot 11 and the 4th floor (top floor) of Parking Structure 2.  Any specially marked parking space, such as, (but not limited to) BZ, Speech & Hearing, Employee of the Month, Administrative, requires a special permit at all times.  During off-peak parking periods, carpool spaces in Parking Structures 1 & 3 are enforced as student spaces.

An off-peak parking period is defined as: Monday-Friday 4:30pm - 4:30am during the Fall and Spring semesters, Saturday, Sunday, campus closure holidays, Summer, Winter intersession, Spring Recess and Finals week.

Be aware that the Off-Peak Parking practice does not apply to Ramona Lot parking permits.  Ramona Lot parking permits are valid on campus Monday-Friday after 8:00pm and any other time that Ramona Lot is closed.

Permits for Persons with Disabilities

At Sacramento State, each parked vehicle must have a valid parking permit. To park in disabled parking spaces on campus, a valid Sacramento State parking permit and disabled person placard or license plate must be displayed. Loading zones are intended for active loading and unloading and are not considered to be parking spaces. Disabled placards and license plates are not valid in loading zones.

Load Zones

Passenger load zones are intended for the immediate loading and unloading of passengers.  Waiting for passengers is not permitted and parking officers reserve the right to warn or cite a vehicle for waiting.

Load zones that are not specifically marked as Passenger load zones are intended for the active loading and unloading of equipment.  Parking officers closely monitor load zones and reserve the right to warn or cite a vehicle if no activity is seen in 30 minutes.

Note, load zones are not parking spaces, even for vehicles displaying an ADA placard or license plates.

Open Top or Unsecured Vehicles

For open top or unsecured vehicles, a repositionable parking permit may be exchanged at the UTAPS office for a parking permit that will be adhered to the outside, lower corner of the driver's side of the windshield. Place the parking permit on the outside of your window in the lower corner within 5 inches of the bottom of the window (CVC 26708-3). Place the parking permit just above the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) so that parking enforcement can clearly see your VIN.

Timed Parking Spaces

Short-term parking without a valid Sacramento State parking permit is available throughout campus. Timed parking spaces may be used by the same vehicle only once in each parking lot in a 24-hour period.

Timed Parking Spaces with Parking Permit Required

Short-term parking with a valid Sacramento State parking permit required is also available throughout campus.  Please read timed parking signs carefully.

Lost, Stolen, and Counterfeit Permits

If a parking permit is lost or stolen, please report the loss to University Transportation & Parking Services (UTAPS). UTAPS will record the parking permit as lost or stolen and will enforce the parking permit as such. UTAPS does not replace lost or stolen parking permits. Upon reporting a lost or stolen parking permit, UTAPS may authorize the purchase of a replacement parking permit. It is a violation to display a lost, stolen, or counterfeit parking permit and may result in a parking citation being issued and/or other Sacramento State correction action.


Visitors may purchase daily parking permits from one of the daily permit machines located in student lots 1, 7, 8, 9, 5th floor of Parking Structure 1, 3rd floor of Parking Structure 2, 3rd floor of Parking Structure 3 or at the UTAPS office. Visitors may also utilize timed parking spaces for short-term visits. If you need additional information, please visit the Sacramento State Visitor Information Center in Sacramento Hall which is normally staffed Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Visitor Information Booths are located on State University Drive near Sacramento Hall and on College Town Drive near the Alumni Center. Please see our homepage for operational hours.


Bicycles are permitted on all campus roadways. Bicycles are not permitted on walking paths and sidewalks. For your convenience, Sacramento State offers three staffed bicycle parking compound on campus. The use of the bicycle parking compounds is free of charge. Although the bicycle compounds are staffed to help deter theft, bicycles parked in the compounds are parked at the owner's risk. Bicycle lockers are available for a fee through the Peak Adventures Office in The WELL. For additional information, please contact UTAPS at (916) 278-PARK to obtain a bicycle brochure.

Police Department

The Police Department will assist you with vehicle lockouts, dead batteries, lost and found and theft reports, as well as emergency situations. Please call (916) 278-6000 for assistance.

Hornet Express Shuttle and Public Transit

Sacramento State encourages using alternative commute options. The Hornet Express Shuttles provide convenient transportation to and from residential areas near Sac State as well as stops on campus and the 65th Street Light Rail station. The Hornet Shuttle is available free of charge to all Sacramento State faculty, staff and students with a valid Sacramento State OneCard. The Hornet Express Shuttles normally operate when fall and spring semester classes are in session. For additional information, visit the Hornet Shuttle website or contact the Hornet Shuttle office at (916) 278-7275.

Hornet Safety Escort

The Hornet Safety Escort is a demand-responsive service transporting the campus community to and from the various locations on campus and to vehicles parked on campus. Safety Escort service is available Monday-Thursday from 6:00pm to 12:00am when fall and spring semester classes are in session. For Safety Escort service, please dial x87260 from any campus telephone or 278-7260 from a cell phone. The shuttle will typically arrive within 5-10 minutes.

Sacramento Regional Transit

Sacramento Regional Transit (RT) services the Greater Sacramento Area and has several buses that arrive at and depart from Sacramento State throughout the day. Sacramento State students may ride any Sacramento Regional Transit bus or light rail train free of charge with a Sacramento State OneCard and current commuter sleeve. Current Sac State employees with a current OneCard may purchase an employee commuter sleeve for $40 per semester at the UTAPS office or the Bursar's Office. The employee commuter sleeve is valid on any Sacramento Regional Transit bus or light rail train.

Parking Citations

The recipient of a citation has 21 days from the citation date to pay or appeal a citation (CVC 40215). If payment or an appeal is not received within 21 days, a reminder Notice of Delinquent Parking Violation will be mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. There is an additional 14 days from the date of the notice to pay or appeal the citation. Failure to pay or appeal the citation by the 14th day after the date of the reminder notice may result in the following actions:

  • Forfeit of all rights to an appeal of the citation.
  • A late fee may be added to the cost (penalty) of the citation.
  • A hold may be placed on the registered owner's vehicle registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles preventing registration renewal until all outstanding citation and late fees are paid in full.
  • A hold may be placed on the Sacramento State student's academic records.
  • The recipient of a citation may be responsible for any collection costs related to collecting the debt.

Multiple unpaid citations may result in the immobilization or towing and impounding of the vehicle at owners expense.

TO PAY A CITATION: Go to Online Services

Click here for citation and appeal information

Updated: February, 2018