Special Event Parking

If you are attending an event on campus, consult with your event host for parking instructions.  If you are hosting an event on campus, the following parking options are available for attendees.

Attendee-Paid Permits

Provide detailed parking information to help your guests navigate and park on campus. Clearly state the following instructions in any announcements, flyers, letters, emails, etc.:
A Sac State parking permit is required to be displayed while parked on campus. To purchase a $6 daily (or $3 two-hour) parking permit:

  • Sign up for a PayByPhone account and download the app. When you arrive on campus, enter location number "5115" into the app to pay your parking fee.
  • When you arrive on campus, pay with cash or credit at any permit machine located in all student parking lots/structures; view the campus map for locations.

Your parking permit is valid in student parking spaces. The closest parking to the (event location) is (nearest student parking lot/structure). Please view driving to campus and campus map for directions. A printable campus map is also available.

Pre-Paid Permits

If you would like to purchase permits for less than 25 event attendees, visit the UTAPS office to purchase $6 daily ‘scratcher’ permits in advance. You may mail these permits to attendees in advance or distribute at the event.

If you would like to purchase permits for 25 or more event attendees, UTAPS will create a printable ePermit (PDF file) for you to distribute to your guests (email, webpage, print and handout). The parking fees must be paid in advance at a daily rate of $3 per attendee, based on the space reservation’s estimated attendance.

Email eventparking@csus.edu the following information

  • Event Name:
  • Event Date(s):
  • Event Start and End Time:
  • Event Location:
  • Estimated Attendance:

A UTAPS representative will respond to your request and issue an event parking services quote.

Waived-Fee Permits

UTAPS is a self-supporting operation which receives no general funding. The only sources of funding are users of Sac State's transportation and parking facilities and services.  Their contributions provide the following:

  • Maximum safety and convenience in regards to transportation and parking.
  • Development and maintenance of suitable parking facilities.
  • Parking enforcement–ensuring all users are meeting the above requirements.

These facilities and services are funded by the implementation and enforcement of the following UTAPS policies.

  • Parking fees are required to be paid by every user of parking facilities.
  • Parking fees are required every day and at all times.
  • UTAPS Parking Regulations

The above policies are in accordance with Section 21113 of the California Vehicle Code, Sections 42200 and 42201 of Title 5 of the California Code of RegulationsThese policies and procedures ensure the cost of Sac State’s transportation and parking facilities is distributed equally among all its users.

Generally, the event must be free, open to the public and within the primary scope and educational mission of Sac State students to qualify for waived parking fees (Sac State students are the primary contributors to waived parking fees).

The following events qualify for waived parking fees

  • Art gallery opening receptions showcasing Sac State student art.
  • Theater and dance productions with Sac State student performers.
  • Music events with Sac State student performers.
  • Athletic games with Sac State athlete participants.
  • UNIQUE hosted free community events.
  • Award ceremonies for
    • Sac State students receiving recognition of their academic achievements.
    • Sac State volunteers receiving recognition of their contributions to the university.
    • Sac State donors receiving recognition of their contributions to the university.
  • Student outreach events for prospective Sac State students.
  • Sac State academic department fundraisers

All other events must pay parking fees. This includes

  • Instructional activities including conferences, workshops, trainings and classes.
  • Events which require a registration fee.
  • Events not open to the public.
  • Events hosted by any organization not directly affiliated with Sac State.
  • Events hosted by non-profit organizations.
  • Camps including youth programs and athletics.


Your department may request reimbursement of event parking fees from the All University Expense (AUE) account by viewing the AUE Request Criteria and submitting a completed AUE Request Form to eventparking@csus.edu

Updated: March, 2017