UTAPS is here to help provide a welcoming environment for special event attendees. The following parking information should be helpful when planning special events at Sac State.


Yes, we are required by law to collect parking fees for anyone using campus parking facilities. Visit the special event parking page for more details.
Generally, the event must be free, open to the public and within the primary scope and educational mission of Sac State students to qualify. Visit the special event parking page for more details.
Contact eventparking@csus.edu during initial event planning to determine the most effective parking time to hold the event. The following off-peak parking times are best:
  • After 4:30pm, Monday through Thursday
  • All Day, Friday through Sunday
  • Finals Week
  • Summer
  • Spring Recess
  • Winter Intersession
  • Academic Holidays
Parking Enforcement Officer ($27/hour, three hour minimum). A parking enforcement officer may be hired to cordon off parking spaces, greet visitors and allow access to a parking lot with the appropriate event parking permit.
Information Service Provider ($20/hour, three hour minimum). An information service provider will staff an information booth beyond standard operation hours to provide directions and distribute event parking permits.
We do not create, provide or display any signage for events. Visit the Student Organization and Leadership handbook for more information on displaying signs on campus.
Parking related equipment such as cones, A-frames and directional signs are not available for rent. Please contact the following local business which specializes in these rentals:
Capitol Barricade
6001 Elvas Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95819
(916) 451-5176
Sac State shuttles are not available for charter service. Please contact the following business, which specialize in this service:

Neumann Enterprises
2676 Albatross Way, Sacramento, CA 95815
(916) 993-5669

Super Shuttle
6900 Airport Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95837
(916) 929-5411


Updated: May, 2017