A Sac State parking permit is required at all times to park on campus. The following parking information should be helpful when inviting visitors and planning for special events at Sac State.

To get started: First, please read this entire page.  It might help answer some of your questions.  Second, fill out our Special Event Parking Request Form and click Submit Form at the bottom of that form.

Who does pay to park at Sac State?

  • Students
  • New and transferring student orientation attendees
  • All employees paid to work at Sac State
  • Retired faculty and staff working for pay
  • Vendors
  • Contractors
  • Consultants
  • Attendees of all types of camps
  • Attendees of instructional activities for credit or no credit, including training, workshops and conferences
  • Drop-in visitors
  • Attendees of non-Sac State special events
  • Guest speakers receiving compensation or credit of any type
  • Adjunct faculty

Who does not pay to park at Sac State?

  • Non-teaching faculty during sabbaticals and the summer who are not working for pay
  • Retired faculty and staff who are not working for pay
  • Volunteers employees receiving no compensation or credit of any type
  • Attendees of Sac State special events
  • Guest speakers receiving no compensation or credit of any type

How are visitor parking permits obtained?

  • The inviting campus department may request visitor parking permits through Visitor Parking (VP) in the Common Management System (CMS). Access to VP may be requested by completing a CMS Human Resources System Access Request.
  • For spontaneous drop in visitors, visit the UTAPS office or a daily parking permit machine to purchase a daily parking permit.
  • Visitor parking permits may be picked up at the University Transportation & Parking Services (UTAPS) office, Information Booth #1, Information Booth #2, or mailed to the requesting campus department.
  • In some cases, a charge for parking may apply.

How are parking arrangements made for large groups?

  • Contact Josh Neri, Parking Events & Services Coordinator at (916) 278-2985 or eventparking@csus.edu with the details of the special event.
  • Groups of 1-50 vehicles will be provided parking permits for all student parking lots.
  • Groups of 51 or more vehicles will be provided parking permits or permit fliers for Lot 9 Student and Lot 10 Student.

When are effective days and times for planning special events?

  • Off-peak parking time, when the most parking is available at Sac State is late afternoon and evening Monday through Thursday, Fridays, weekends, holidays when classes are not held, spring recess, summer, finals week and winter intersession.
  • Contact UTAPS at the beginning planning stages of the event to determine the most effective parking time to hold the event.

What is the parking fee for visitors?

  • $6.00/day or $3.00 for 2 (two) hours
  • Visitor parking fees may be paid and visitor parking permits obtained in advance by campus departments and off-campus agencies.
  • Visitors may pay to park on the day of the event by purchasing a daily parking permit from a permit machine located in campus parking lots, information booths, parking structures or the UTAPS office.
  • Special arrangements may be made for parking fees paid in advance for large groups at a reduced cost. Contact UTAPS for details.

What parking related services are available for special event parking?

  • UTAPS provides parking lot staffing to cordon off parking spaces, greet visitors and allow access to a parking lot with the appropriate parking permit: $27/hr per Parking Officer, three hours minimum.
  • UTAPS provides information booth staffing beyond normal hours to give directions and distribute parking permits:  $20/hr per Information Service Provider, three hours minimum.

There will be a charge for the above services and signage needed. Call or email UTAPS for details.

UTAPS is here to help provide a welcoming environment for your visitor or special event. Contact Josh Neri for assistance at (916) 278-2985 or eventparking@csus.edu .

Updated: February, 2014