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Staff Peer Awards
2015 Nomination Form


SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Wednesday, May 20, 2015

AWARDS ANNOUNCED: ABA Spring Social, June 11, 2015

The ABA Staff Peer Award Program is an opportunity for ABA staff professionals to recognize the work of their colleagues. Awards are presented annually in the categories listed below. For a list of eligible ABA families and units, click here.

Participation in the Staff Peer Awards program is limited to ABA non-management staff. This means that only non-management staff members are eligible to submit nominations and receive awards. Staff nominators may submit one nomination per category, and should select just one category for each nominee.

A team of 2014 Staff Peer Award recipients and ABA family representatives will make recommendations for award to the Vice President for Administration/CFO, who will approve the finalists.

This is an ideal opportunity to shine the spotlight on ABA's unsung heroes. Now's the time to recognize your colleagues who work behind the scenes, making the University a better place to be for ABA staff and the campus community.

Select ONLY one category per nominee

Customer Service – Awards an ABA staff professional for outstanding customer service. This individual serves customers in a timely, efficient and professional manner, and strives to understand customer needs in order to provide the highest levels of service.


  • Consistently delivers high-quality service to customers
  • Examines methods of delivery to simplify processes and improve services to customers
  • Clarifies and promotes understanding of complex processes and requirements

Problem Solver – Awards an ABA staff professional for the consistent application of creativity, exploration and tenacity to solve problems. Individual follows through to the successful resolution of problems.


  • Accepts challenges and finds creative solutions
  • Uses/shares knowledge resources to simplify complex issues
  • Is determined, resourceful, and persistent in seeing problems through to conclusion

Teamwork – Awards an ABA staff professional for outstanding contributions to a unit, team, or across unit lines. Individual’s initiative and cooperation promote group achievement. Individual goes the extra mile to assure the success of the team.


  • Promotes the success of a team or group, over the individual
  • Encourages cooperation and knowledge sharing among co-workers to achieve positive outcomes
  • Enlists the resources of others to assure best results

Positive Attitude – Awards an ABA staff professional who maintains a positive outlook in the workplace and whose positive attitude is influential in creating a harmonious workplace.


  • Consistently takes a positive approach in the face of challenges and obstacles
  • Recognizes and acknowledges the best aspects of the workplace and the talents of co-workers
  • Promotes a positive workplace culture, by engaging others in positive thinking

Professionalism – Awards an ABA staff professional who is highly competent and demonstrates behaviors and attitudes that inspire respect.


  • Demonstrates a high degree of professional expertise
  • Is a resource for colleagues, providing information and guidance to help others succeed
  • Consistently exhibits integrity and business-like behavior and attitudes

Innovation – Awards an ABA staff professional who has redefined the possible by contributing ideas for improvements in processes and/or practices, services, cost reductions, or positive change in a unique and creative way.


  • Contributed original ideas leading to more effective and efficient processes
  • Contributed to service improvements through creative perspectives and approaches
  • Introduced innovative strategies that resulted in cost savings

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If you do not wish to submit your nomination electronically, send to Andrew Stiffler, Dept. Zip: 6038.

For assistance with your nomination, contact your ABA START* representative. Click here for a list of START members and contact information.

*Strategy Team: Achieving Results Together

Award Category: Nominee:
Use bullet points to describe below how the nominee meets the award category and criteria (one or more). Be brief but provide specific examples to illustrate your point.