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Destination 2010 Leadership Council

The ABA Destination 2010 Leadership Council will be the key leadership group for initiating, implementing, and enhancing the ABA Change Management Program, which includes Strategic Planning. This encompasses a variety of activities that promote cultural change to meet the evolving needs of the campus, employee productivity, morale and communications, and advice on other matters brought forward for consideration. The ABA Destination 2010 Leadership Council serves as an advisory group to the Vice President for Administration and the ABA Administrative Council on matters pertaining to division operations and campus services.

Members of the Destination 2010 Leadership Council are responsible for communicating issues to family professionals, keeping them informed on key issues and directives given at each meeting and the rationale behind them, for sharing family input with Council members and for promoting ABA initiatives at the family level.

Collectively and individually, the Council will act as a resource for the ABA Administrative Council, the Management Council, and the ABA Staff Professionals Team with regard to planning and improvement. Through honest analysis based on communication and awareness, the Council will monitor the effectiveness of programs and recommend adjustments.

Meetings are held for planning purposes twice annually, or more frequently as necessary, in place of the ABA Administrative Council meeting.