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ABA Administrative Council

The ABA Administrative Council serves as an advisory body to the Vice President for Administration. Information is disseminated through this body for dissemination to managers and staff of ABA families - Business & Administrative Services, Facilities Services, Financial Services, Public Safety, Risk Management Services and the Office of the Vice President for Administration, which includes Auditing Services.

Members of the Council share operational issues, customer concerns, status of projects and other matters pertinent to ABA. ABA Administrative Council members are expected to be proponents for change to assist in the development of a culture of service, efficiency and professionalism in Administration & Business Affairs, through the support for and advancement of the concepts listed below.

  • Placing the University and students first in all activities and decisions
  • Teamwork with each other and other campus units
  • Effective internal and external communication
  • Professional development of staff and self
  • Process improvement and streamlining of operations
  • Feedback from constituent groups and customers
  • Measurement of performance and assessment of progress through defined performance measures
  • Effective use of technology applications to enhance productivity and service levels
  • Flexibility to meet University needs
  • Effective use of the financial and human resources

Meetings are held bi-weekly or more frequently if necessary.