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ABA Management Council

The ABA Management Council is an advisory group to the Vice President and the ABA Administrative Council on all matters pertaining to the ABA division's operations and delivery of customer service.

Input from, and dissemination of critical information to staff , will occur through this group regarding changes in policies and procedures, mandates, employee programs and other matters brought forward for discussion. The ABA Management Council meeting forum will be used to convey directives and information for implementation from the President's Office and Cabinet. Members keep their respective staff members informed on key issues and directives given at each meeting and the rationale behind them.

Management Council Members support and carry out programs developed to effect positive change through:

  • Two-way communication (with Destination 2010 Leadership Council and Staff Professionals Team)
  • Fostering teamwork
  • Modeling professionalism
  • Respecting colleagues, subordinates and the organizational structure
  • Providing appropriate training and professional development
  • Gathering feedback and analyzing processes for improvement
  • Measuring performance and assessing progress

Meetings are held bi-monthly in place of the ABA Administrative Council meeting.