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The greatest resource of any organization is its people; which is why, in December, ABA celebrated the accomplishments of managers and staff in an annual Leadership Awards ceremony. The Leadership Awards recognize ABA Management Council members who are esteemed by their colleagues for contributions to ABA or University goals, as well as valued staff, teams, and distinguished ABA partners. To view the Leadership Awards page click here.


On April 20, 2012, all Sacramento State staff were encouraged to attend the University's annual Staff Awards Luncheon. President Gonzalez opened the event and congratulated staff for reaching their respective milestones. Abbi Stone spoke on behalf of ABA, in recognition of its employees' years of service. Setting a true milestone, Nancy Fox, senior director of UTAPS, was recognized for her 35 years of service. For a full list of all employees recognized at this event, view the Award Recipient List.


Facilities Services unveiled a new Employee of the Month recognition program at the end of 2011. The program recognizes staff who exhibit good attendance; deliver high quality work; exhibit good people and personal interaction skills when working with staff/faculty; and/or perform above and beyond the call of duty. One employee is selected each month by managers. An excerpt from each recent honoree's nomination is featured below.

Donald Stirewalt


December 2011: Donald Stirewalt, Interim Supervising Plumber

"His ability and willingness to accept any challenge, his commitment to provide the campus community with great service, and his dedication to the department are what make Donnie an exceptional professional."

Jesus Gutierrez

January 2012: Jesus Gutierrez, Groundsworker

"Jesus takes pride in providing our customers with aesthetically pleasing surroundings and is always willing to work within teams to ensure that the desired result is achieved. These are just a few of the elements that make Jesus an asset to our department and this month's Employee of the Month."

Joey Martinez

February 2012: Jose "Joey" Martinez, Laborer

"Joey is an exceptional employee that really cares about his job and customers.  He is always there to help with a smile and positive attitude. He offers his help above and beyond what is expected to get projects completed. He quickly responds with solutions to get moves completed.  He is an asset to Facilities Services."

Christopher Raney

March 2012: Christopher Raney, Building Service Engineer

"Christopher is a great communicator, detail-oriented, and possesses great customer service skills.  He is a team player who always volunteers to do whatever is asked of him to get the job done. His knowledge and alertness have led to improved operations, energy savings and prevention of potential equipment downtime."

Ronie Gagui


April 2012: Ronie Gagui, Housing & Residential Life, Custodian

"Ronie is a valuable and special member of the Housing custodial team.  He supports his team members and supervisor by his consistent willingness to do a great job for the students. Other qualities that Ronie exhibits are: outstanding customer service, positive team and work approach."

Greg Paul

May 2012: Greg Paul, Customer Service Representative

"Greg's work ethic is very positive and productive. He is accountable, honest, reliable, autonomous, determined, dedicated, collaborative, and remains focused on the completion of his tasks. He maintains good communication with our staff and the campus community.  He is always ready and willing to take on more duties if it helps the department succeed."


Last year, Public Safety revamped their recognition program, recognizing department staff and students quarterly, with an annual award to the the most highly rated quarterly award recipients. Below are excerpts from the nominations for each award recipient.

Valerie Kessler

Employee of the 4th Quarter 2011: Valerie Kessler, Dispatcher

"Valerie is a valued member of the team with a great work ethic. Valerie clearly understands purposes, objectives, practices and procedures of the department and is able to share her knowledge with trainees and co-workers with ease."

Eddie Loss

Student Assistant of the 4th Quarter 2011: Eddi Loss, Community Service Officer

"Eddie has demonstrated dedication to duty by consistently exceeding standards and acting as a positive role model to department members. He takes responsibility for assigned tasks and follows through to their conclusion. He has assisted in getting staffing for events on short notice and is always positive and upbeat."

Jason Johnston

Employee of the 1st Quarter 2012:
Jason Johnston, Police Officer

"Jason is an excellent team player who has been the cornerstone of our department’s efforts in identifying and apprehending criminal suspects. His 'can do' attitude is refreshing and motivating. Jason’s attention to detail is a fine example of what our department strives to offer in terms of professionalism and quality service."

Sonia Duenas

Student Assistant of the 1st Quarter 2012:
Sonia Duenas, Student Assistant

"Sonia is a great resource to the Administrative Support function of the Police Department. She is a hard worker, and regardless of the job or task she is assigned, she always maintains a positive attitude."

Jesse Smith and Keegan Hironaka, recognized as Employee and Student Assistant of the year, respectively, were previously recognized as the Employee and Student Assistant of the 3rd Quarter 2011).

Jesse Smith

2011 Employee of the Year: Jesse Smith, Police Officer

"Jesse is committed to excellence in delivering professional police services to the campus community. Jesse consistently exemplifies a positive can do attitude in the execution of these duties, while simultaneously maintaining his attention to detail."

Keegan Hironaka

2011 Student Assistant of the Year: Keegan Hironaka, Community Service Officer

"Keegan is a commendable Community Service Officer (CSO) who constantly strives for success. Keegan demonstrates leadership skills and a desire to improve his fellow CSOs, as he has done by creating and presenting radio training. Keegan is a professional when communicating with co-workers, officers and citizens, which makes him a great asset to The University Police Department."


Any time is the right time to say thanks to those who have helped and supported you throughout the year. And it's so easy using the ABA Thank-You Blog. Accessible to all ABA staff members, it's a great way to let everyone know about the teamwork that makes ABA such a great place to work. Using the Blog, you can post a quick and easy thank you message to the person of your choice. An alert will be sent by e-mail to the recipient. Don't let a good opportunity go to waste. The Blog is viewable by the public.

To learn more about the ABA recognition programs, visit the ABA Recognition Program page.