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#SacState: Past and Present


Hornet athletes

#DYK The homeliest trophy in college football goes to the Causeway Classic winner – and in 2014, that was Sac State! Hornet quarterback Garrett Safron didn't wait for the final whistle against UC Davis before sprinting downfield and grabbing it from our athletics director, Bill Macriss. The trophy is a partially polished concrete core sample that Caltrans donated to the rivalry after making repairs to the Yolo Causeway, the Interstate 80 bridge between Sacramento and Davis. Finally, the trophy came home to Hornet Land for the first time since 2009. Stingers up!

#DYK The green pathway lights you see around the campus are reminiscent of the historic El Camino Real "bells" along Highway 101 between San Francisco and Los Angeles. But Sac State's new fixtures are as modern as can be: Each one casts a wide cone of efficient white light that makes walking around campus at night much safer. As many as 275 "bell" lights will be installed along campus pathways, many replacing old-timey, not-so-stylish box-shaped fixtures.

#DYK Sacramento State's logo is rich in symbolism. The double-S "flame" atop the torch handle represents knowledge, leadership, strength, diversity and unity – all values held in the highest regard by the University. The curved arch at the top of the shield pays homage to the iconic Guy West Bridge, and the two wavy lines below represent the American and Sacramento rivers. Our colors are Sac State Green and Sac State Gold. You will often see our logo paired with Sac State's tagline "Redefine the Possible".

rock garden

#DYK Sac State's School of Hard Rocks is in front of Placer Hall, home of the Department of Geology. A printed guide to the outdoor rock garden usually can be found at the front door. Grab one and take a quick "field trip" to identify the big samples of obsidian with bread crust texture, vesicular basalt, travertine (a hot spring deposit found near Bridgeport) and other fascinating and beautiful rocks and minerals. FYI: No. 15 is rhyolite pumice, a glassy rock formed atop a silica lava flow.

#DYK Sac State Police Chief Mark Iwasa was a Sacramento County undersheriff before becoming the University's director of public safety and police chief in January 2012. And he was #MadeAtSacState! Iwasa earned his bachelor's degree in economics with a minor in criminal justice in 1990 and his master's in public policy and administration in 1993. Say hello to the Chief Hornet if you see him around campus. And remember: Sacramento State Police have law enforcement authority everywhere in California. Be safe out there, Hornets.


old school photo

#TBT Oh, those crazy kids! Looks like this bunch of fresh-faced Hornets was about to party hearty – off-campus, of course – sometime back in the black-and-white days of Sac State's past. We're kind of loving that guy's beanie.

#TBT Sac State's 1953 campus master plan started with 300 bare acres and a blank sheet of paper. My, how we've grown – and changed! The building labeled "library" is now Lassen Hall, and the "cafeteria" is the River Front Center. See anything else that looks familiar? The University's new campus Master Plan will address the south end of campus and the potential for new student housing, restaurants and shops. Onward and upward, Hornets!

#TBT Some people believe that Shasta Hall, home to the University and Playwrights theaters, is haunted by the spirit of the state building inspector who fell to his death during its construction in the '60s. Some say he disrupts the opening-night performances.

#TBT Hornet men's and women's basketball teams were on fire throughout the 2014-15 season. And that reminded us of the story about Ev Shelton, the 1962 men's head coach. His team played Mount St. Mary's College in the division championship that year – and lost in overtime. Coach Shelton suffered a minor heart attack in the fourth quarter, but he quickly hit the floor and did some pushups to assure everyone that he was OK. More than 2,000 excited Hornet fans greeted the team plane – and its beaming coach – when it returned from Los Angeles.

#TBT Tom Hanks – yes, THE Tom Hanks – was a Hornet back in the 1970s. He studied theater at Sac State for two years and did some acting and stagehand work with Sacramento Civic Repertory Theatre (now Sacramento Theatre Company) before quitting school and moving to New York City to become a professional actor. He's a two-time Oscar winner, for "Forrest Gump" and "Philadelphia," and he never forgot Sacramento State. In 1999, Hanks sent a handwritten note (pictured) and a donation to a memorial fund honoring his former theater professor, Gerard Larson. The note now is a part of the University's Gerard A. and Georgia B. Larson Theatre Collection.

Take the Next Step

Now that you know something about Sacramento State, we would love for you to visit and learn more about attending this outstanding university. Sac State has so much to offer beyond a beautiful, tree-filled campus in the heart of California's capital: a national-class education that prepares students for careers and success. Come see us . . . and be us!