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Mission and Goals

Through collaboration and academic guidance, the Academic Advising Center fosters a developmental process of assisting undergraduate students in clarifying and achieving their personal, professional, and educational goals.

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Value Statements:

  • Advocacy: We champion others by modeling and encouraging persistence through challenges and identifying tools to navigate systems of higher education. 
  • Excellence: We go above and beyond to deliver quality service that anticipates and responds to campus community needs. 
  • Passion: We demonstrate motivation to assist students in the pursuit of academic success, holistic development, and wellness. 
  • Community: We perform work as part of an inter-connected ecosystem of educators that strive to prepare students to be leaders and meet their own needs as well as those of their communities.
  • Inclusivity: We promote equity through understanding, respect, and celebration of the varied cultural, economic, and personal experiences that our campus community brings. We continually strive to be mindful of the impact of our actions on all members of our campus community.  
  • Growth: We nurture positive development and constructive learning experiences in our students and professional staff alike. 
  • Encouragement: We lift and inspire others to achieve their potential, with compassion.
  • Empathy: We seek to listen, learn, and understand -- to the best of our abilities -- and offer appropriate support to every student that we serve. 
  • Innovation: We are at the cutting edge of academic advising by leveraging technology to discover student-centered solutions. 
  • Integrity: We contribute to a culture of mutual trust, ethical responsibility, accountability, and honoring self-worth.



Director - Jazzie Murphy

Academic Advising Staff

Assistant Director for Student Services & Training - My Sayamnath

Assistant Director for Operations & Analytics, and Coordinator for ADT - Dena Lemus

Coordinator, Undeclared and Expressed Interest - Adriana Cervantes

Coordinator, First Year Advising - Vacant

Coordinator, First Year Experience - Chris Kent

Interim Coordinator, Second Year Success - Rand Doerning

Coordinator, Project PASS - Tina Souza

Graduation & Retention Coordinator, College of Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies - Mayrose Acob

Graduation & Retention Coordinator, College of Arts & Letters - Tiffany Northern

Graduation & Retention Coordinator, College of Education - Rafa Morales-Ordaz

Academic Advisor - Vacant

Academic Advisor - Daniel Castellanos

Academic Advisor - Stephen Hernandez

Academic Advisor - Michelle Loew

Academic Advisor - Lawren Lutrin

Academic Advisor - Hebe Mares

Academic Advisor - Kristen McCarroll

Academic Advisor - Trevor Neeley

Academic Advisor - Amy Yu

Program and Personnel Analyst - Rusty Slabinski

Budget Analyst - Shannon Ainger

Faculty Advisors

Maggie Beddow - College of Education

Dimitri Bogazianos - College of Health & Human Services

Marcus Romani - College of Engineering & Computer Science

Chris Taylor - College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Judy Thoma - College of Arts & Letters

Danielle Martin - College of Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies

Front Desk Student Assistants

Aleah Fisher

Adilene Guzman

Chris Hernandez

Omar Shafique

Taylor Sabine

Katrina Shadowens

Marc Jude Santos

Lizette Muniz

Vanessa Gutierrez

916.278.1000 (T)

916.278.7842 (F)

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm

E-mail us at advising@csus.edu

Upcoming Office Closures:

Wednesday, February 28 - The Academic Advising Center will be closed from 3-4pm.

Wednesday, April 25 - The Academic Advising Center will be closed all day for the 3rd Annual Sacramento State Advising Summit at the University Union.

Location & Directions

    Lassen Hall 1013

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