Peer Mentors: First Year Experience

FYE is a consortium of campus-wide programs that are administered by representatives from both Academic Affairs and Student Affairs. The Director of First Year Experience (faculty) and the First Year Experience Coordinator (student affairs professional) oversee first year seminars and university learning communities.

The First Year Experience Program (FYE) consists of the University Learning Community Program (LCOM), First Year Seminar Courses (FYS), and Peer Mentors. FYE consists of special programs to help aid the transition from high school to college.

  • Academic component – courses (major and/or GE), Learning Communities, and First Year Seminars
  • Non-academic component – events specially designed for first-year students
  • Peer Mentors – help facilitate the transition for first-year students: academic advising, events, workshops, study groups, meeting new people, etc.

Enrollment in the University Learning Community Program (LCOM) and/or First-Year Seminar Courses (FYS) occurs during New Student Orientation.

 Peer Mentor Info Sessions Flyer

Peer Mentor applications for Fall Semester 2018 are open February 1, 2018, and due to the Academic Advising Center by Friday, March 2 at Noon. The application can be found on Hornet Career Connection (Job ID# 61610). If you have any questions, please contact Chris Kent at


If you are enrolled in a First Year Seminar and/or Learning Community you will have a Peer Mentor assigned to you.

Peer Mentors (typically sophomores, juniors, seniors, or graduate students) assist first-year students by serving as an academic peer advisor, a resource to the campus and community, and a mentor to assist with the transition to Sacramento State. Peer Mentors collaborate with assigned department faculty to enhance the classroom experience for students.

Meet the 2016-17 Peer Mentors

Discussion Topics with your Peer Mentor
Peer mentors will help provide guidance to students in many ways covering various topics, including:

  • One-on-one advising
  • Career exploration
  • Study groups
  • Time management, study skills, general education workshops
  • Getting involved in student/campus life at Sacramento State
  • My Sac State – one-stop student portal
  • Graduation requirements
  • Academic policies 
  • Resources and tools for course planning/scheduling 
  • Referral to faculty with relevant academic and/or career information
  • Campus resources available to support academic, personal and career development
  • General support and encouragement

For issues or items not on the above list, please refer to Academic Advising.

Meeting with Your Peer Mentor
During the first day of class in your first-year seminar or learning community, you will be assigned a peer mentor. An introductory meeting with your peer mentor will be scheduled within the first five (5) weeks of the fall semester. In addition, an individual academic advising session with your peer mentor will occur near the end of the first semester, before your registration appointment for the next semester’s courses.

Contacting Your Peer Mentor
To contact your peer mentor please see your course syllabus (first-year seminar or learning community classes).


First Year Seminars - Open to freshmen, the First Year Seminar is a 3 unit academic course that fulfills the Area E requirement for General Education. You may enroll in a First Year Seminar during the summer at New Student Orientation. Topics include history and learning at the University, career exploration, information technology, and the role of culture and diversity in academic study.

University Learning Communities – The University Learning Community Program consists of themed clusters of courses designed to satisfy General Education or Academic Major Requirements. A learning community consists of a group of students who are concurrently enrolled in 2 or 3 courses together. Some, but not all, learning communities contain First Year Seminars. Faculty in a learning community work together to connect course topics and assignments. You may enroll in a Learning Community during the summer at New Student Orientation.

First-Year Seminars and University Learning Communities also provide:
1) increased likelihood of success at Sacramento State
2) more connection to your peers and comfort with the campus
3) more comfort with courses and professors
4) Peer Mentors who provide one-on-one advising, mentoring, a network of resources and co-curricular events
5) personal development (identity development, why you are in college, the purpose of a higher education)
6) small class sizes (25-30), where faculty and students interact frequently

For more information on The First Year Experience Programs (First Year Seminars and Learning Communities) visit the First Year Experience website.