Transfer Students

Welcome to the Academic Advising Center for transfer students! The Academic Advising Center is an excellent place to seek support and guidance on building your plan for success. Visit our center to learn about our services and meet with an Academic Advisor to start your success on the #FastTrack2Grad!
Why Advising? Why an Academic Advisor?

a) The Academic Advising Center can help Transfer students:

fast track to grad
  • Understand General Education requirements
  • Review graduation requirements (120 units)
  • Writing Placement for Juniors
  • Evaluate transfer credits

b) Sac State has GE and graduation requirements which still apply to transfer students.

  • Nine units of Upper Division GE (note: not all upper division courses are GE)
  • Race & Ethnicity in American Society
  • Foreign Language Proficiency (depending on major)
  • College Composition II
  • Writing Placement for Juniors (WPJ)
  • Writing Intensive

Please meet with an Academic Advisor to make a plan to successfully complete these requirements.

General Advising versus Major Advising
  • General Advising is offered through our Academic Advising Center to help students understand general education requirement to degree progress.
  • Major Advising is offered through the student’s major department. Students need to speak with their major advisor through their department to seek academic planning for major requirements.

fast track to graduationIt is highly recommended that students declare a major as soon as possible to seek support and guidance from their major department regarding course requirements in their major. Come visit us to learn about ways to double dip or triple dip some requirements for general education courses.

For campus map:

Expressed Interest, Pre-Major, and Impaction

   Pre-Major and Expressed Interest Definition Policy

Expressed Interest – A designation for undergraduate students interested in pursuing an impacted major but who may not declare or be assigned by the department/program of their intended major upon admission to the university.  These students must successfully complete any specified pre-requisites and a supplemental admissions process in order to be formally admitted to the major/program.

Pre-Major – A designation for undergraduate students pursuing a non-impacted major.  These students may declare or be assigned major status upon admission to the university or by the department/program of their intended major after completing specified pre-requisites as defined by their academic department/program.

Major Impaction - The number of applications from fully eligible students to a designated major during the initial filing period far exceeds the number of spaces available in that major. However, students can still be admitted in an alternate major, or they may eventually be admitted to the oversubscribed major if they meet the supplementary admission criteria.

Sacramento State - Designated Impacted Programs

Impacted Major Requirements

Unit Recommendation for #Fasttrack2grad (yes, the shortcut to graduation – Graduate in two years after transferring to Sac State)

Transfer students should be enrolling in a 15 unit course load per semester to graduate on time. See the semester recommendations below to keep you on track for graduation. 


Writing Placement for Juniors

After transferring to Sac State, students will need to complete the Writing Placement for Juniors (WPJ) to enroll in an upper division Writing Intensive course that is needed for graduation. Based on student scores on the WPJ, students will be able to understand what course is needed to fulfill their graduation requirement. See below for a quick guide.

After WPJ Exam
Score 80 on WPJ Exam
Eligible to enroll in upper division Writing Intensive course
After WPJ Exam
Score 70 on WPJ Exam
Eligble to enroll in an upper division Writing Intensive course and must enroll in English 109X in the same semester you enroll in your upper division Writing Intensive course
After WPJ Exam
Score 50 or 60 on WPJ Exam
Must enroll in English 109M/109W before students are eligible to enroll in an upper division Writing Intensive course.

For Frequently Asked Questions about the WPJ, visit:

Evaluation of Transferred Units

fast track to gradAn official review and evaluation of your transcripts takes one to two semesters to complete. Once completed, you can check your approved transfer credits on your My Sac State account through the drop-down box titled "Transfer Credit Report," as well as on your Academic Requirements page. If you do not see your transferred units after two semesters or you do not feel they have been transferred correctly, please stop by the Academic Advising Center to have an advisor review your account with you thoroughly. 

Residency Units
More information regarding the Transcript Evaluation Process

You must earn a minimum of 120 units to graduate from Sacrament State with a Bachelor’s Degree (some majors require more units). As a transfer student you must complete at least 30 units at Sacramento State campus (courses offered by the College of Continuing Education and Credit by Examination units do not count toward the 30 unit requirement). At least 24 of these units must be upper division, including at least 12 upper division units in your major (except for Business Administration, English, and Psychology which require 15 units). More Information on Graduation Requirements.


How do I know if my transfer courses meet my major requirements?

  • Bring unofficial transcripts to your major department for review. A major advisor will be able to tell you which courses from your transfer school meet requirements in the major.

How do I find out which GE requirements are remaining?

  • Check the Degree Progress Report on My Sac State.

Where do I get help in figuring how to complete my GE?

  • Advisors in the Academic Advising and Career Center (Lassen Hall 1013) will provide students with the help they need to complete their GE requirements.

What can I expect from my advising session?

  • We may cover a wide range of topics during our advising session together, including General Education and graduation requirements, academic policies, how to get connected to campus resources, goals for the futurem, strategies for success, and much more.

How do I meet with an Advisor?

  • Students can come in any time during our regular business hours for drop-in appointment with one of our Academic Advisors. We are available Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm during the summer and 9am - 5pm during the academic year.

What if I don't have the time for a full appointment?

  • If you are crunched for time, or only have a quick question that needs to be answered, ask to speak to one of our Triage Advisors or check out our Online Chat feature on the Academic Advising homepage. 

Have more questions? 

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