Second Year Success Program

Second Year Success Program

Achieving College Together (ACT)

Welcome to Second Year Success (SYS), a program designed for students in their second year of college who have experienced some academic challenge in their first year. Students are paired with one of our Second Year Success professional staff mentors to provide guidance, support and advice. We know that students have the knowledge and ability to be a successful student and our goal is to ensure that students put their skills and knowledge into action. Through mentor and student partnership, we aim to achieve college together.

To maximize the student-mentor relationship, students in the Second Year Success program are contacted by their mentors with details on program participation about two weeks before a semester begins.

Meet Your Second Year Success Mentors

Second Year Success mentors are ready to provide all the necessary tools and success tips that can help students experience a smooth transition from their first year of college to their second year.

mayrose acob
Mayrose Acob
amanda barnett
Amanda Barnett
Academic Advisor
adan chaidez
Adan Chaidez
Academic Advisor

Rand Doerning
Academic Advisor

Gabbrielle Hoskins
Academic Advisor
kylee sharp

Kylee Sharp
Academic Advisor
Jump on the Fast Track to Graduation!

Were you contacted by a Second Year Success mentor? Congratulations!
Be sure to take the first step to connect with your mentor and begin your progress to a timely graduation by:

  • Creating your “roadmap” to graduation through goal setting and academic course planning
  • Getting tips on studying and successfully passing exams, talking to professors, which classes to take when and with whom, etc.
  • Developing successful solutions to obstacles that may promote academic performance
  • Connecting with various campus resources including tutoring and mentoring services
  • Receiving career counseling if you are undeclared/expressed interest or would like more information on a specific major
Words from Successful Students

word cloud

“I really enjoyed the second year advising session with you yesterday. The advice and resources you presented to me were very useful and you were very friendly and clear in the way you explained things and answered my questions.” A. M.

“Thank you soo much for helping me and guiding me to get my grades up! You are a big help and I really appreciate it soo soo much! (: THANK YOU!!!” – J. R.

“I want to give thanks to you for always believing in me and motivating me to keep going on…Thanks so much for all that you’ve done!” – J. N.

"I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help over the year! If it wasn't for you, I would not be graduating this semester!" -J. M. B.

Helpful Resources

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Academic Advising Tutorial Videos

Impacted Major Requirements

Helpful Resources

Peer and Academic Resource Center (PARC)

Math Lab

Writing Center

Student Health and Counseling Services

Choosing a Major