Undeclared-Choosing a Major


In Spring 2006, President Gonzalez approved the “Timely Declaration of Major” policy recommended by the Faculty Senate. This policy requires that undeclared “native” students (those who start as freshmen at Sacramento State) declare a major before completing 60 units. It also requires that junior-level transfer students declare a major prior to registering for their second semester at Sacramento State.

The Career Center

If you need help choosing a major, the Career Center can help. The Career Center shares space with the Academic Advising Center here at Sacramento State since the purpose of the two centers is closely related—to help students meet their goals, both academically and in their future careers. At the Career Center, you can participate in career counseling to learn how to make informed career and academic decisions that reflect your personal criteria for choosing a satisfying major and work you will enjoy.

The Career Center offers walk-in and individual career counseling services for students and alumni. Career counseling services at Sacramento State are available to assist students and alumni in any of the following areas:

  • Assessing your skills, values, and interests
  • Overcoming obstacles toward achieving your education and career goals
  • Exploring and researching careers and majors
  • Understanding the connection between specific majors and careers to which they can lead
  • Speaking with professionals in your field of interest
  • Choosing or changing a major or career path
  • Decision-making, goal setting, and developing action steps
  • Job search strategies
  • Finding Internships and other experiential learning opportunities
  • Finding part-time jobs
  • Resume and cover letter writing; resume critiques
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Practice for interview sessions