Semester Schedule

Semester Schedule (Time Management) Worksheet

Planning your study time is imperative to successful academic performance. Students should study at least 2 hours outside of class, per unit, each week.

Example: Part I:  15 units x 2 hours = 30 hours homework: reading/projects/papers/studying
             Part II:  15 hours in class (units) + 30 hours studying = 45 hours on academics each week

Use the Semester Schedule worksheet to help you plan your studying and effectively manage your time.

Recommended Steps to Using the Semester Schedule Worksheet

First document the “non-negotiable” commitments:

1.  Write down your classes on the correct days and times
2.  Write down your commute (door to door)
3.  Write down your meals (maintain a healthy diet for optimal brain functioning!)
4.  Write down your sleep time (recommend at least 6-8 hours each night to stay healthy and alert)
5.  If employed, write down your work hours

a.  If your hours change each week, write down the hours which are most consistent
b.  If you are taking 12 or more units we recommend working no more than 20 hours each week

The time that remains is your studying, recreation/wellness, family, social and free time.

Second, document the following:

6.  Locate two, two-hour time blocks, each day for studying, this yields 21 hours (two-hour time blocks are
     recommended so you stay engaged in the material and maintain your focus)
7.  Write down your recreation/wellness time
8.  Write down your social, family and free time
9.  Write down your additional study time to reach your # units x 2 hours recommendation (i.e. need to find an
     additional 9 hours of study time if using this equation: 15 units x 2 hours = 30 study hours each week)
10.  Implement your study plan!

You now have a good visual aid of how you spend your time each week.

Semester Schedule Worksheet