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First Year Advising

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Welcome to your first year at Sac State! This program is designed to help set you up for the FAST TRACK TO GRAD! As you may have already discovered, college is a lot different than high school. In fact this is one of the toughest transition periods you will face in your life! That is why we REQUIRE** that you complete a First Year Advising appointment in both your fall and spring semesters of your first year.

Advising Student

First Year Advising is required for ALL** freshmen in BOTH fall and spring semesters.

Spring 2017 you have options for completing your FYA requirement

If you are on academic probation, completing remediation, undeclared or have a Sac State GPA between 2.00-2.50, you are REQUIRED to schedule a 1:1 appointment.            
If your Sac State GPA is between 2.50-3.00 you are REQUIRED to attend a 1:1 OR a group session.
If your Sac State GPA is above 3.00 you are REQUIRED to attend a group session.
If your Sac State GPA is above 3.00 AND you are pursuing one of these impacted majors: Business, Criminal Justice, Health Science, Nursing, Psychology, or an Engineering major, then please select a group session for your major.


NOTE: Group Sessions will not be posted to the scheduling system until February 3rd.
(All appointments and drop-in held in Lassen 1013)

*If you are in a First Year Seminar, you complete your FYA appointment with your Peer Mentor.

**If you are in at least one of these programs/groups, then you DO NOT need to complete FYA through this program: Biology Major, CAMP, EOP, Honors, Liberal Studies Major, MEP, ROTC, and Student Athletes (Cheer, Dance, or Men’s Rowing meet with us)

Meet Your FYA Faculty & Staff Advisors

Academic Advising Center Staff:

Denise Hamilton, Coordinator & Advisor    

Questions or Concerns Please Contact Denise @: or (916) 278-2867

Still deciding on a MAJOR???

Advice to the Class of 2020:

“Don’t procrastinate! This isn’t high school” Fall 15 First-Year Student, Spring 2016