General Education Course Proposal Forms

AREA A: Basic Subjects
A1 Oral Communications

A2 Written Communications

A3 Critical Thinking

AREA D: The Individual & Society
D1a Foundations in Social & Behavioral Sciences

D1b World Cultures

D2 Major Social Issues of the Contemporary Era

D3 American Institutions

AREA B: The Physical Universe
and its Life Forms
B1 Physical Science

B2 Life Forms

B3 Lab Component

B4 Mathematical Concepts
& Quantitative Reasoning

B5 The Physical Universe and its Life Forms

Understanding Personal Development

AREA C: The Arts & Humanities
C1 World Civilizations

C2 Introduction to the Arts

C3 Introduction to the Humanities

C4 Further Studies in the Arts & Humanities

Graduation Requirements
Race & Ethnicity in American Society

Writing Intensive