G.E. Course Proposal for Race and Ethnicity in American Society

Graduation Requirement: Race and Ethnicity in American Society

Department__________________________________________ Course Number ________

Course Title_______________________________________________ Units__________

Contact Person_____________________________________________ Phone__________


Course submitted for one of the following categories:

___ C1 Arts
___ C2 Humanties
___ D Individual and Society
___ E Understanding Personal Development

Note: Course must be approved for categories in Area C, D or E before it can be considered for Race and Ethnicity.

I. Include course syllabus with this proposal form.

II. In addition to meeting criteria for an Area C, D or E category, course proposals must meet additional criteria. Indicate in a written statement how the course meets the following criteria for "Race and Ethnicity". Relate the statement to the course syllabus and outline. Be as succinct as possible.

A. Examines significant aspects of the culture, contribution and social experience of underrepresented ethnic/racial minority groups in the U.S. including but not limited to: Asian Americans; Black Americans; Mexican Americans and Native Americans.

B. Focuses on more than one of the above groups, or course focuses on one group provided that it compares and contrasts experiences of the group with another group. Courses which focus on a single ethnic group and compares its sub groups are not acceptable.

C. Includes an analysis of concepts of ethnicity, ethnocentrism and racism and how these explain and shape the ethnic experience in the United States.

D. Includes an examination of such factors as race, class, gender, age, sexual preference, and how these shape the ethnic experience in the United States. (Secondary Criteria)

E. Explores the role culture plays in shaping and sustaining ethnic groups. (Secondary Criteria)

Submit proposals to the General Education Office in Sacramento Hall 234 [6016].


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