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LIST #2– 2004/2005

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Program Proposals

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Department of Management


New Minor in Knowledge Management Technology

Justification: The minor concentrates on the technology aspects of knowledge management and intends to prepare students to become knowledge workers in their chosen concentration areas of study. It places emphases on the discovery of knowledge through traditional and contemporary techniques, and the application of knowledge in decision making through analysis and critical thinking using IT as the primary means for these activities. The presiding learning goal of the minor aligns learning activities toward achieving the following: To use IT to model information for the discovery of knowledge and support effective decision making.
The following learning objectives ensure the attainment of the goal:
•  Developing the necessary skill sets that lead to the discovery of knowledge, including the exposure to various IT-based tools and methods for discover,
•  Involving analytical and critical thinking skills in the application of knowledge toward effective decision making, including an understanding of management concepts and methods to exploit intellectual capital,
•  Applying strategy in decision making, including the implementation of KM systems and the cultivation of leadership roles.
Because KMT is interdisciplinary in nature, it complements and enhances the practices of a concentration area. It complements by broadening the students' understanding of the applications within a concentration through practice. The exposure to KMT tools and methods enhance students' backgrounds as they become better versed and more apt in their chosen concentrations, thereby adding depth to knowledge. Thus, upon completing the minor, graduates will be capable of adding value to their future employers.

Required Courses (prerequisites in parentheses) 
MIS 132 Management Science Techniques (MIS 131)
MIS 133 Multivariate Business Statistics (MIS 131)
MIS 151 End-User Database Application Development (MIS 1 A, B, C or approved equivalent)
_OR MIS 150 Database Systems for Business (MIS 120 and 175)
MIS 180 Advanced Management Support Systems (MIS 150 or 151)MIS 181 Machine Learning Applications in Business (MIS 131, and MIS 150 or MIS 151)
MIS 191 Culminating experience (Completion of coursework in the minor)

Elective Courses (prerequisites in parentheses)
Applied Business Research Courses
MGMT 105
Business Forecasting
MGMT 121 Marketing Research and Information (MGMT 120)
MGMT 136 Modern Portfolio Management (MGMT 133)
MGMT 186 Operations Planning and Inventory Control
OBE 143 Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies (OBE 19 or ACCY 121 or MGMT 133 or ENGR 140)Applied Non-Business Research Courses
ECON 145 Economic Research Methods (ECON 100A, ECON 100B, STAT 001) and passing score on the WPE; the course is open to graduating seniors only)
ECON 180 Urban Economics (Econ 001B)
ENVS 120 Quantitative Methods for Environmentalists (Math 009 or Math 011)
GEOG 109 Geographic Information Systems
HLSC 147 Health Data Analysis (STAT 001 and/or instructor permission)
SOC 102A Research Methods in Sociology (SOC 101 or equivalent)
SWRK110 Statistics and Research for Social Workers

19 Total units