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LIST #8 - 2005/2006



The Curriculum Subcommittee will meet on
Tuesday, May 16, 2006, at 1:30 in SAC 150
to review the Program Change Proposals contained in this list.
(Response due to Academic Affairs by noon on May 16 , 2006)


Program Proposals

Past Program Proposal Lists:

College of Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies

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Department of Anthropology


Undergraduate Program in Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology is proposing a re-categorization of various courses which come under some of the categories of required courses to complete the major. As itemized below, the faculty have voted to switch some courses OUT of the category 'Undistributed Electives' and INTO 'Distributed Electives' and vice-versa. In addition, some of the category sub-headings have been changed to reflect a different focus in the category.

The proposed changes reflect the Department of Anthropology's response to two different issues:

•  the transformations the field of anthropology has undergone: an increasing emphasis on thematic (rather than areal) focus; and,
•  the need to create the space for students to take advantage of the new areas of expertise introduced by six new faculty members who joined the department over the past 4 years.

Department of Environmental Studies


Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies

The Dept. of Biological Sciences has developed a new introductory series (BIO 1 and BIO 2; 10 units) that will replace the existing introductory series (BIO 10, 11 and 12; 11 units) for our majors. This program change incorporates this new series into our curriculum.

The new program reflects associated course change proposals for Environmental Studies 121 Field Methods, and Environmental Studies 175 Aquatic Pollution Assessment.

Department of Ethnic Studies


Native American Studies Minor

Justification: Our Native American Studies Program situates itself within a larger Ethnic Studies Department at California State University , Sacramento . We offer a Bachelor's of Arts in Ethnic Studies with a concentration in Native American Studies. Statewide and Nationwide Native American Studies Programs and Departments are developing their degree granting in many ways. The Native American Studies program is in the process for developing a specific minor in Native American Studies. Within our department a minor exists for Asian American Studies, Pan African Studies and Chicano Studies.

Sacramento State needs to further develop its program in Native American Studies. We are situated in the capital of California and situated as an institution where “Leadership Begins Here.” In order to develop leaders in both Native and non-Native communities, we need to offer students an option that will enable them to better understand Native Nations and people.

Upon the examination of the Native American Studies/American Indian Studies programs in California we find approximately seventeen including: CSU Chico, CSU East Bay , CSU Long Beach, CSU San Marcos, Humboldt State , Mills College , San Diego State , San Francisco State , Sonoma State , U.C. Berkeley, U.C. Davis, U.C. Irvine. U.C. Los Angeles , U.C. Riverside, Stanford and Sacramento State . Of these seventeen campuses two (Sacramento State and Mills College) offer a Bachelor's in Ethnic Studies and a concentration in Native American Studies. Nine of the campuses offer a minor in Native American Studies and six offer both a minor and Bachelor's in Native American Studies. Sacramento State , Native American Studies seeks to approve a minor in order to to address the need of such a program.

Over the past seven years, Sac State students have repeatedly approached Native American Studies faculty regarding the need of a minor in Native American Studies. Native American and non-Native students seek to broaden their knowledge of America's Indigenous Nations. In California in particular, American Indians have taken prominence in the governmental, economic and political landscapes. Many Sac State students will work with, live near, or participate in some form with our various Native Nations. They wish to be able to develop a better understanding and have this reflected in their academic records as a minor in Native American Studies.


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