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LIST #8 - 2010/2011



If there are no objections reported to Academic Affairs by noon on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 the Course Change Proposals
listed below are approved as submitted.
The Curriculum Subcommittee will meet on
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 1:30 in SAC 275
to review the Course Change Proposals contained in this list.

Course Change Proposals:
Past Course Change Proposal Lists:



New Course

ART 175: Intermediate Metalsmithing

Course Changes

ART 101: Art Photography

ART 161: Photography in the Field

ART 162: Alternative Photographic Processes

ART 163: Pinhole Photography


Communication Studies

Course Change

COMS 111: Debate Research Practicum



New Courses

ART 101: Art Photography

ART 161: Photography in the Field

ART 162: Alternative Photographic Processes

ART 163: Pinhole Photography

Course Changes

GPHD 122: Design Production and Management

PHOTO 148: Artificial Light Photography

PHOTO 150: Senior Portfolio

PHOTO 155: Advanced Photography



Course Changes

ENGL 1X: Basic College Composition Bridge

ENGL 2X: Basic College Composition Bridge

ENGL 10: Academic Literacies I

ENGL 10M: Academic Literacies I - Multilingual

ENGL 125A: Literature and Film for Young People

ENGL 125B: Writing and the Young Writer


Humanities and Religious Studies

New Courses

HRS 190D: Seminar in HRS: Death and Afterlife

HRS 290D: Seminar in HRS: Death and Afterlife

HRS 200A: Culture and Expression: Prehistory to Middle Ages

HRS 200B: Culture and Expression: Renaissance to Present

Course Changes

HRS 190: Topics in Humanities and Religious Studies

HRS 290: Topics in Humanities and Religious Studies


Learning Skills

Course Changes

LS 39A: Special Problems for EOP Students

LS 39B: Group Tutorial in Special Problems for EOP Students

LS 52A: Academic Strategies-ALS: History 6

LS 52B: Academic Strategies-ALS: History 17A

LS 52C: Academic Strategies-ALS: History 17B

LS 52D: Academic Strategies-ALS: History 50

LS 52E: Academic Strategies-ALS: History 51

LS 52F: Academic Strategies-ALS: Philosophy 4

LS 53A: Academic Strategies-CBA: Accountancy 1

LS 53B: Academic Strategies-CBA: Accountancy 2

LS 53C: Academic Strategies-CBA: Decision Science 101

LS 54A: Academic Strategies-ECS: Computer Science 15

LS 54B: Academic Strategies-ECS: Computer Science 20

LS 55A: Academic Strategies-HHS: Criminal Justice 1

LS 56A: Academic Strategies-NSM: Astromony 4B

LS 56B: Academic Strategies- NSM: Biology 22

LS 56C: Academic Strategies-NSM: Chemistry 4

LS56D : Academic Strategies-NSM: Chemistry 1A

LS 56E: Academic Strategies-NSM: Chemistry 1B

LS 56F: Academic Strategies-NSM: Chemistry 24

LS 56G: Academic Strategies-NSM: Chemistry 124

LS 56H: Academic Strategies-NSM: Chemistry 161

LS 56J: Academic Strategies-NSM: Environmental Science 10

LS 56K: Academic Strategies-NSM: Geology 7

LS 56L: Academic Strategies-NSM: Geology 8

LS 56M: Academic Strategies-NSM: Physics 5A

LS 56N: Academic Strategies-NSM: Physics 5B

LS 56P: Academic Strategies-NSM: Biology 1

LS 57A: Academic Strategies-SSIS: Economics 1A

LS 57B: Academic Strategies-SSIS: Economics 1B

LS 57C: Academic Strategies-SSIS: Government 1

LS 57D: Academic Strategies-SSIS:Psychology 2

LS 79A: Advanced Independent Study for EOP Students





New Courses

BHON 102: Business Communication

BHON 103: Business Legal Environment

BHON 104: Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior

BHON 105: Introduction to Management Information Systems

BHON 106: Business Data Analysis

BHON 107: Business Finance

BHON 108: Fundamentals in Marketing

BHON 109: Operations Management

BHON 120: Business Intelligence

BHON 130: Value Chain and Supply Chain Management

BHON 140: Enterprise Resource Planning and Infrastructure

BHON 150: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

BHON 160: Project Management

BHON 170: Strategy and Leadership

BHON 190: Practicum in Business



Special Education, Rehabilitation, School Psychology & Deaf Studies

Course Changes

EDS 155: American Sign Language 5

EDS 163: ASL Literature

EDS 166: Experiences in the Deaf Community




Criminal Justice

Course Changes

CRJ 2,4 and 5: Law of Crimes, General Investigative Techniques, Community and the Justice System

CRJ 101: Introduction to Criminal Justice Research Methods

CRJ 102: Crime and Punishment

CRJ 156: Introduction to Crime and Intelligence Analysis


Kinesiology and Health Services

New Course

KINS 63: Beginning Ballroom Dance

Course Deletions

KINS 63A: Men's Ballroom Dance

KINS 63B: Women's Ballroom Dance



Course Changes

NURS 145: Clinical Lead & Prof Role Development

NURS 500: Culminating Experience


Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration

Course Changes

RPTA 32: Recreation Activity Leadership

RPTA 106: Recreation Therapy and Inclusion

RPTA 136: Program Planning in Recreation, Parks and Tourism


Social Work

Course Changes

SWRK 140A: Social Work Practice

SWRK 196A: Exploration of Veteran Studies: An Ethnographic Approach




New Course

ANTH 181: Anthropology of Human Rights

Course Changes

ANTH 178: Internship

ANTH 190: Advanced Topics in Linguistic Anthropology

ANTH 192A: Laboratory Work in Archaeology

ANTH 195A: Fieldwork in Archaeology

ANTH 196M: Experimental Offering in Anthropology "Museum Methods"

ANTH 199: Special Problems

ANTH 201: Anthropological Theory

ANTH 204: Current Problems in Archaeological Method and Theory

ANTH 207: Language and Culture

ANTH 223: Areal Archaeology

ANTH 278: Internship

ANTH 292A: Laboratory Work in Archaeology

ANTH 295A: Fieldwork in Archaeology

ANTH 299: Special Problems

ANTH 500: Master's Thesis

ANTH 599


Ethnic Studies

Course Changes

ETHN 155: Genocide and Holocaust Studies

ETHN 194: Research in Ethnic Studies


Family and Consumer Sciences

Course Change

FACS 160: Communication and Education in Family and Consumer Sciences



New Course

GOVT 181: Comparative State Government



New Course

PSYC 152: Experimental Offerings in Psychology


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