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LIST #2 - 2011/2012


(for CPSP Review only)

The Council on the Preparation of School Personnel will meet on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. in the SAC 275 to review the Program Proposals contained in this list. Response due to Academic Affairs by Wednesday, October 12, 2011, 12 noon



Special Education, Rehabilitation, School Psychology and Deaf Studies


Moderate/Severe Education Specialist: ASDAA


The Moderate/Severe Specialist Credential Program and the Mild/Moderate Credential Program at CSUS offered though the CSUS College of Education have recently instituted changes based on mandated standards adopted by CCTC.  While the new Mild/Moderate program will authorize future candidates to teach students identified as having Autism Spectrum disorders, the mild/moderate credential program which has been in place for the last decade does not provide authorization for teachers with a Mild/Moderate credential. 

This proposal allows a pathway for currently enrolled and past CSUS students who hold the Mild/Moderate credential to add the Autism Spectrum Disorders authorization by enrolling in 11 units in the new Moderate/Severe Credential program. The design assumes that the majority of  students seeking the ASDAA will concurrently apply to the Masters program and units from the ASDAA sequence will also serve to meet the elective requirements for the Masters degree. The course sequence does not require the development of any new courses and provides a sequenced pathway of existing coursework for candidates who need to demonstrate skills for serving students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The proposal  targets four existing courses within the newly approved Moderate/Severe Preliminary Credential Program:

The proposed ASDAA added authorization is designed include an 11 unit program of coursework which dovetails with the newly redesigned preliminary moderate/severe credential and addresses the three specific ASD standards:

PreReq  EDS 100A/B Ed Stu w/Disabilites in Inclusive Classrooms
 EDS 235     Field Seminar in Program & Instruction Mod/Sev   ASDAA Standards 1& 3   2 units
 EDS 208     Evidence-Based Assess & Instruction:  Mod/Sev    ASDAA Standards 1& 2   3 units
 EDS 209     Augmentative  &  Alternative  Communication        ASDAA Standards 2 &3   3 units
 EDS 414     Student Teaching I (Practicum)                        ASDAA Standards 1, 2 & 3     3 units
 Total          11 Units

ASDAA Standard 1:  Characteristics of ASD
ASDAA Standard 2:  Teaching, Learning, and Behavior Strategies  for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
ASDAA Standard 3:  Collaborating with Other Service Providers and Families

The proposal includes the additional listing of  the 3 ASDAA standards within the syllabi of  the identified courses, but does not represent a substantive change as the content for these standards is included within the context of the existing classes.


Course Changes

EDS 208 - Evidence-based assessment and Instruction: Mod/Sev Disabilities

EDS 209 - Developing Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems: Assessment and Intervention

EDS 235 - Field Seminar in Program & Instruction: Mod/Severe Disabilities

EDS 414 - Student Teaching I: Moderate/Severe Disabilities