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FS 04-28, Approved June 4, 2004

I. Starting with Area A in 2004-2005, and in a five-year cycle, each General Education Area in turn, will follow the process described below:

Fall Semester
  • For all courses offered in the selected GE Area, departments must submit course syllabi and an Assessment Plan (unless an approved plan is already in place) to the Director of General Education describing strategies used to assess each learning outcome or group of outcomes for the Area. The expected GE learning outcomes need to be explicitly included in the course syllabus. Course syllabi will be reviewed by the General Education Course Review Subcommittee.
  • Assessment plans will need to meet the approval of the GE/Graduation Requirements Policies Committee. The Campus Assessment Consultant, in collaboration with the Director of General Education, will preview the plans and make recommendations to the General Education/Graduation Requirements Policy Committee. The Committee will approve or disapprove the proposed plans. The Committee will also act as an appeal panel in the case of any disagreements between departments and the Campus Assessment Consultant.

Spring Semester

  • After approval by GE/GRPC, departments/course faculty (coordinator if multiple sections) will implement the Assessment Plans. Departments will maintain yearly records that include:

1. Course and section information, and name of coordinator.
2. Assessment data

II. Reporting on Assessment

  • As part of the self-study/program review process, each department will prepare a General Education Assessment Summary Report that will answer the following questions:

1. What information have you gleaned from implementing your General Education assessment plan?
2. Do you plan any changes to your General Education courses' curriculum as a result of your assessment?
3. Will you make any changes in your General Education assessment plan for the next review cycle?
4. Assessment summary reports will be reviewed every five years by Area Interest Groups made up of faculty from departments teaching courses in the Area who will bring any concerns to the GE/GRPC
5. Concerns that appear in the course of program reviews regarding GE assessment should be referred to the GE/GRPC from the Curriculum Policies Committee.

III. General Education Director's Role:

  • Planning and implementing General Education Assessment in collaboration with the Senate GE/GRPC, the General Education Course Review Subcommittee, and the Campus Assessment Consultant
  • Summarizing outcome assessment and making recommendations to the Senate through the GE/GRPC.
  • Collaborating with the Campus Assessment Consultant to provide assistance to the departments in selecting and using assessment strategies and developing acceptable Assessment Plans.
  • Convening Area Interest Groups every five years for Area assessment review and reporting